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17 Times Barack Obama & Joe Biden Were You & Your Best Friend


President Obama and Vice President Biden have about one more week in the White House. As they wrap up their final speeches and public appearances, we're reflecting on how close the pair are—they practically seem like you and your best friend. These are 17 times Joe and Barack behaved like two college besties. 

1. When your best friend can't take you seriously

STAHP, I'm trying to do something important here.

2. When you realize their family is your family

Hi Mom, it's me, your daughter's best friend. 

3. When you spend the night ranting about life and boys

Cheers to that.

4. When you make an inside joke

They know what you mean. 

5. When you both promise to force each other to work out

Usually "going to the gym" means a Netflix night instead, though.

6. When you have to take care of your drunk BFF

"Okay Joe, let's get you some water."

7. When you let them set you up on a date

Please, help me out.

8. When you can't keep it together in public

"Remember that time when…"

9. When you get all mushy on them

We basically belong together.

10. When you spend all your time together eating

Always up for that late-night food.

11. When your friend tells you this quarter they will focus on school more

Lol we both know you'll be going out next week.

12. When they text you "Hey what are you doing rn?"

Yes, the answer is yes, whatever we're doing, yes.

13. When you know each other a little too well

I gotchu fam.

14. You sometimes get a bit annoyed with each other…

15. …but the PDA is real

*wife steps aside*

16. When you're proud of your bestie

I can't contain it.

17. When you tell your friend how much they mean to you

Obama gave Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom ;-;

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