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15 Thoughts Everyone Has While Scrolling Through Twitter


Twitter is one of our favorite methods of procrastination, but sometimes we have a love/hate relationship with it. Here are 15 thoughts everyone has while scrolling through their Twitter feeds.

1. Wait, why am I still following you?

2. There should be a hashtag limit. 

3. I don't remember tweeting that...

4. I'm only favoriting this because you're cute.

5. Ooh, Twitter drama, my favorite! 

6. Oh, it's raining? Really?! I HAD NO IDEA.

7. I'm going to stalk my ex's favorites.

8. This was a bad idea.

9. Ew, why is he favoriting all of her tweets? 

10. Oops, I did NOT mean to favorite that tweet. 

11. There's no such thing as too many puppy pictures.

12. Seriously, another #mancrushmonday of your boyfriend?

13. If I see #sorrynotsorry one more time...

14. This is Twitter, not your diary. 

15. Even though I've already read everything on my timeline, I'm just going to keep clicking refresh to avoid studying.

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