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15 Life Lessons We Learned from 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'


More than a decade ago, The Lizzie McGuire Movie graced us with Lizzie’s adorably awkward teen presence. After watching countless episodes of Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel, feeling as though you were navigating the ups and downs of the tween/teen years with Lizzie, the time came for her to head off to Rome on a school trip with the dumb but dreamy Ethan Craft, cute and nerdy BFF Gordo and sassy “queen bee” Kate Sanders. Undeniably, our generation grew up with Lizzie and her friends. Packed with adventure, friendship and love, this movie had plenty of life lessons for us. Although Lizzie wasn’t on the popularity level of Kate Sanders, she did manage to impersonate an Italian pop star and become famous. It’s safe to say she had a few things going for her.

1. Its okay to trip your way through life

It comes as no surprise that Lizzie is a pretty clumsy person. Hand-eye coordination doesn’t come easily to everyone and our girl knows what it’s like to trip in front of an entire crowd of people…on national television. Embarrassing doesn’t begin to cover it, but all you need to do is get back up, dust yourself off and get on with it. This really can be applied to any aspect of our lives.

2. Face your fears and reap the benefits

Lizzie is seen at the beginning of the movie singing in her shower. It wasn’t until Lizzie was thrown on stage and forced to sing that she conquered her fear of singing in front of others. The audience loved her. No matter what you love to do, don’t let the fear of failure or inadequacy stop you from pursuing your passion.

3. On that note, don’t rely on a wishing fountain to make your dreams come true

Luck alone is not going to get you places. Hard work and dedication are what will see you through.

4. Heading to a foreign country with your best friend by your side is always a good idea

Gordo and Lizzie go together like peanut butter and jelly -- as do all besties. Naturally, traveling together makes perfect sense. With your other half by your side, you’re guaranteed adventures and plenty of stories to tell when you get back.

5. But make sure to actually spend time with your best friend

Lizzie told Gordo she would hang out with him in Rome, but ended up ditching him for Paolo (not her wisest move). It's good to branch out, meet and hang with other people; just don't forget about who's always been loyal during the process.

6. Don’t take advantage of a friend’s kindness

Or ditch them for pop stars. Although Gordo could’ve come up with a better excuse, it was wrong of Lizzie to leave Gordo covering for her every time she went out to see Paolo. Especially when that resulted in Miss Ungermeyer kicking him off the trip.

7. If you have the chance to travel, take it

Don’t hesitate -- seize any and all opportunities to travel. Life is definitely not meant to be lived in one place. Think of all the sights you’ll see, the people you could meet, the things another culture can teach you, and things you may learn about yourself. You’ll gain a whole new perspective. (And if an Italian woman offers you a wheel of cheese, don’t question it. Just take it.)

8. Believe in yourself

This may sound obvious, but it’s not always an easy thing to do. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? You need to be your own best advocate as well as push yourself to pursue your interests. Lizzie always loved to sing but never thought she was any good at it. It wasn’t until Rome that she was coerced into getting on that stage and performing and saw that she was good enough to be there.

9. If opportunities come your way, take advantage of them

Lizzie didn’t think she’d achieve fame, impersonate a pop star or explore the eternal city on the back of a hot, Italian popstar’s moped, now did she? No matter what the opportunities are, whether they’re in your personal or professional life, you’ll never know where something could lead until you take the chance.

10. Don’t let the haters get to you

Or knock you down. Their words say a lot more about themselves than they do about you. Lizzie may have been an outfit repeater, but Kate Sanders is an outfit rememberer and that’s not somebody anyone wants to be. Enough said.

11. The right guy for you could be right under your nose

Funny, smart, trustworthy and reliable, everyone needs a Gordo in their life.

12. Put your trust in your best friend

Not some foreign, pretty boy named Paolo who only tells lies. Gordo always had Lizzie’s back. Your best friend knows you better than anyone. They have your best interests at heart.

13. That being said, don’t trust everything a guy tells you

Girls too. No matter the gender, or their seemingly harmless motives, anyone can have a hidden agenda and it’s always good to be cautious when you’re hanging out with strangers. After all, Paolo seemed like a great guy at first -- but he proved to us that people aren’t always how they seem.

14. “The tide is high but I’m holding on”

Aside from “What Dreams are Made Of,” this was one of the best songs in the whole movie. The message is universal. Sometimes life will get you down and things will happen that make you feel out of control. Lizzie ruined her middle school graduation and definitely did not anticipate going to Rome and becoming famous. So, it’s important to keep in mind that things can and will get better.

15. Looks and popularity are not everything

A turning point for Lizzie was when she realized the things she wanted didn’t do anything to improve her happiness. You can be pretty and popular and still be unhappy. These aren’t things that will do anything for your sense of well-being and can leave you feeling empty or disappointed.


Whether it was through time spent jamming out to “What Dreams are Made Of” or reminding yourself to keep your head up through “The Tide is High” this movie taught us that if you have believe in your abilities, trust your friends as well as your own intuition, you can and will go far.

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