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6 Outfits That Show Off Your Big Butt


Girls with a donk have a very unique struggle: trying to hide it so as not to be “too sexy” and wiggling though skinny jeans. Don’t even get me started on the butt gap (seriously, whose butt is the same width as their waist?!)

But through all the struggles, you know your butt is fabulous, and you should show it off! Here are six outfits that will draw attention to your best asset.

1. Leggings and a cropped sweater

Baby, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your back end needs to be covered. A cropped sweater will hit just above the waist, while leggings will show off your — ahem — assets.

2. Body con dress

We can all relate to this sexy LBD. Dark colors slim you out, so if you’re feeling self-conscious, go dark. Don’t worry, though, your precious donk will look just as nice. Slip on a pair of translucent black tights if you get cold.

3. High-waisted jeans and a long sleeve crop top

The crop top will draw attention to the jeans, and the jeans will highlight your booty.

4. Peplum

Anything peplum will highlight your curves! Try a peplum dress to draw attention to your nice butt at a party, and skinny jeans and a peplum top to kill it in class.

5. Anything sparkly on bottom

Eyes are naturally drawn toward sparkles. Not to mention, it’s an easy, low key way to bring attention to your caboose. Try sequined pants for a fun vibe that not many girls are bold enough to try. Add a cable knit sweater to make it winter-ready.

6. High-waisted shorts and tights

Focusing on mixing summer and winter draws a serious problem: what about your booty? High-waisted shorts are a killer go-to, and the tights make them winter appropriate. You can’t go wrong with this outfit!

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