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15 Misconceptions You Had About Adulthood When You Were Younger


Remember those rebellious teenage years when all you wanted to do was grow up and be an adult so that you could do anything you wanted? Well, now that we're adults, we'd wish for anything but that. Here are 15 misconceptions you had about adulthood when you were younger.

1. You couldn't wait to grow up

Adulting seemed like the best thing that could happen to you.

2. Driving would be the ultimate freedom

Now you and your friends play the nose game to see who has to drive.

3. Having fun would be buying cigarettes and scratch-offs

Smoking is v bad and scratch-offs are a rip-off.

4. You'd be glad when your parents didn't have to go with you to the doctor

"Mom, how do I schedule my dental appointment?"

5. Credit cards could be used for anything

*$5,000 in debt later*

6. Filing taxes would be a breeze

"Hey, Mom, I need your help again."

7. Doing your own laundry meant you were an adult

"How did this red shirt get in with the whites?"

8. Cooking your own meals would be easy

How does one plan for a meal?

9. Having your own place would be fantastic

Except having to clean and pay rent sucks.

10. Your 21st birthday was going to be a night to remember

Actually, it was a night of regret and too many vodka shots.

11. You'd definitely secure a job before graduating college

Plz hire me.

12. You could finally have your own car

And pay for inspections, oil changes, new tires and everything else you forgot comes with a car.

13. Working a big girl job would be fun

Reality: eight hours of work a day is far from fun.

14. You could afford a Starbucks run every morning before work

$5 for a cup of coffee? Yesterday morning's coffee beans it is.

15. You'd be settled down and married by 23

Ha ha ha.

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