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18 Signs You're a Cat Lady for Life


Many collegiettes are focused on having a great career, a loving spouse and a house full of kids—but not you. No; when you imagine your future, you see yourself sitting on a couch being swallowed by tons of cats. If this sounds like a dream to you, then you already know it: you are a cat lady for life. If you’re still on the border about whether or not you are part of this special club, here are some signs that you might very well be a certified cat lady in the making.

1. You have an uncomfortable amount of cat pictures saved

2. You own too many random items with cats on them

3. As soon as you buy your first apartment, you will reward yourself with a cat

4. Your cat sweater collection is intense

5. Every time you see a cat it’s like you’ve won the lottery

6. You treat your cat like he's pretty much your boyfriend

7. You plan to have your cat(s) in your wedding

8. Everyone knows you as "the cat girl"

9. Your ringtone is a chorus of cats meow-ing

10. You would rather hear a cat purr than loud music at a club

11. There’s no one else you’d rather cuddle with at night than your cat

12. Your cat has heard every single one of your problems, and always listens with diligence

13. It doesn’t bother you when boys ignore you because you’re used to being ignored by your cats

14. When you think about your future, you don’t imagine yourself with kids, but rather with a house full of happy kitties

15. You have already started crocheting sweaters for your cats

16. Your cat has a nicer bed than you do because you treat her like a princess

17. You’ve ended relationships by ditching your date to spend time with your cat

18. If the love of your life is allergic, you will dump them because cats > all

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