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9 Cute & Cozy Alternatives to UGG Boots


With winter in full swing, it can be a struggle to find cute and affordable boots cozy enough to keep us warm through the cold-weather season. Even though UGG has established itself as the go-to brand for cozy winter boots, their hefty price tags can deter many collegiettes from purchasing their products. Fortunately, many other brands offer similar styles that are much easier on our bank accounts. 

Here are nine affordable options if you're wanting the UGG-look on a small budget:

1. Bearpaw Women's Phylly Winter Boot ($99)

These Bearpaw boots (Famous Footwear, $99) come in charcoal and hickory, and sport a lace-up back detail similar to UGG's Kristabelle style ($140). Despite it's relatively large orginal price, the store often offers sales that will help make these boots more affordable. 

2. H&M Pile-Lined Boots ($19.99)

These short classic cozy boots can be found at H&M ($19.99) and are available in dark grey, beige and black. They are almost an exact dupe for UGG's Classic II Mini boot ($140), but are a fraction of the cost!

3. H&M Ankle Boots ($49.99)

These ankle boots are one of the trendier options for cozy winter boots, and are available in black and beige at H&M ($19.99). They are comparable to UGG's Aliso ($160), with a slightly different heel style. 

4. AEO Cozy Boot ($39.95)

These cozy boots are available at American Eagle Outfitters ($39.95) in several colors, including black, chestnut, grey and sand. They are a dupe for UGG's Classic II Short ($160), which is a style we can't live without. 

5. Minnetonka Moccasin Slippers ($39.95)

These mocassin slippers can be found at American Eagle Outfitters ($39.95), as well as other retailers, in varying colors, including black, brown, chocolate and grey. These are comparable to UGG's Dakota slippers ($100), and are also great quality with their genuine-suede tops and pile-lined interior. 

6. Target Kamar Shearling Style Boots ($34.99)

These cute, button-down boots can be found at Target ($34.99) in tan, grey, black and chestnut. The button trend on the short boot is comparable to UGG's Bailey Button II ($170). 

7. Target Kallima Fashion Boots ($39.99)

These tall buttoned boots are from Target, and are available in grey, chestnut and black. They are comparable to UGG's Bailey Button Triplet II ($220), but are much more affordable! 

8. MUK LUK Miranda Womens Boots ($44.99)

The cozy sweater look is a popular trend, which is what MUK LUK does best. These boots can be found at Tilly's ($39.95) in dark grey, and are similar to UGG's Lattice Cardy boots ($150).

9. Old Navy Sweater Cuff Boots ($44.94)

Similar to the sweater boots above, these sweater-cuff short boots are a popular trend that can be found at Old Navy ($44.94). Luckily for us, they are almost identicle to UGG's Shaina boot ($170). 

Purchasing winter boots doesn't have to drain our bank account, especially with cute styles like these available at different retailers. With a little determination and browsing different sites, you are sure to find a dupe for any of the popular UGG styles we all love. Stay cozy, collegiettes! 

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