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26 Signs Your Siblings Have Actually Become Your Children


Forget the mom of the friend group. Sometimes you find yourself acting like the actual mom of your siblings. Driving them around? Teaching them how to do life? Critiquing their manners? It's a big task, but someone's got to be the big sister/mom. These are 26 signs your siblings have actually become your children. 

1. You drive them everywhere.

In a minivan, of course.

2. You try to give them advice they don't want. 

Listen, bud…

3. You tell them the honest truth about life.

Even if they don't want to hear it.

4. You told them not to do something, and they did it anyway.

Don't. Touch. The. Boat. 

5. You somehow end up cleaning their messes. 

Why did you do this? 

6. You're always on hair duty.

Homecoming, anyone?

7. You correct their bad habits. 

Don't bite your nails!

8. You have the honor of teaching them about fashion. 

Put that away!

9. And you teach your little bros about women.

Let's talk about how to be a gentleman and treat your girlfriend like Beyoncé. 

10. You're basically a glorified (unpaid) babysitter. 

It's worth it though.

11. But you feel super proud when you watch their recitals and see their report cards.

*sheds a tear*

12. Your siblings ask you really weird questions. 

Do I have to answer this?

13. Let's face it, you're like a soccer mom.

14. You help them with their math homework…

If you can even remember how to do algebra.

15. …and then with college applications.

Because parents are useless.

16. You find yourself being the comforter more often than the comfortee. 

But nothing is better than a sibling hug. 

17. You try to impress your siblings' friends. 

It's hard to top the lives of 14-year-olds nowadays, though.

18. Your siblings embarrass you in public.

After all, you trained these kids.

19. You relate more to Lorelai than Rory.

20. This is your life motto:

21. You didn't cause mischief together.

You're not as close as Monica and Ross, apparently.

22. Sometimes you're a little too critical of them…

This is when you go into full mom mode.

23. …and get disappointed when they let you down.

How could they do this?!

24. You actually GOT the jokes in Bad Moms

Can this be me?!

25. You also need a break from your siblings once in a while.

A girl can dream.

26. But you love them like they're your own kids. 

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