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The Worst Celebrity Hair and Makeup Looks of All Time


Even with a talented team of stylists, our favorite celebrities sometimes slip up when it comes to hair and makeup. These stars mostly wow us during award shows and other glitzy events, but sometimes even they have an off day (and in these cases, serious off days).

Let's take a look in the archives of famous celebrity beauty "don't" moments.

Scarlett Johansson's Mullet

Circa 2003, Scarlett thought it might be a great idea to rock a bold mullet. We prefer her mid-length blonde curls to this 'do any day.

Christina Aguilera's Two-Toned Hair

It looks like Christina was trying to imitate a skunk with this hairstyle. If you're into having two-toned locks, make sure that the two colors complement one another more than this look.

Gwen Stefani's Red Cornrows

Gwen went all-out for this look, which is a big miss in our book. An extremely bold color combined with crazy cornrows isn't exactly flattering!

Tyra Banks' Crimped Hair

As one of the queens of the fashion and modeling world, we wouldn't have expected Tyra to slip up. Unfortunately, she did just that when she tried to rock this crazy crimped hair. Stick with your usual gorgeous hair to look fierce, Tyra!

Kate Bosworth's Bright Blue Eyeshadow

We give props to Kate for trying out something bold, but this look makes her look too much like a clown for our taste. The uneven application of the shadow doesn't help much either.

Solange Knowles' Eye Makeup Band

We think Solange was trying to keep up with the Star Trek crowd with this eye makeup, but it's a bit too much. The blue doesn't flatter her skin, and the line that crosses through her nose don't look appealing either.

Taylor Momsen's Crazy Smokey Eyes

We love the smoky eye look, but only when it's done with good taste. Taylor went a bit overboard with her makeup in this photo, looking more like a raccoon than the edgy rocker she was going for.

Mischa Barton's Black Eyeliner Overkill

Following in Taylor's footsteps, Mischa went too far with her dark makeup in this look. Since she is such a stunning woman even without makeup, we aren't sure why she'd go nuts with this eyeliner explosion.

What are your favorite celebrity makeup slip-ups? Let us know in the comments!

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