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17 New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Made But Can Never Keep


It’s the same thing every year. You sit down before Jan. 1 and make a list of all the ways you’ll try to be a better you next year. About a few weeks in (more like a day in), you realize that New Year’s resolutions are pretty impossible and you’re content being your average AF self. These 17 resolutions everyone has will make you lol because you know how useless they are.

1. Make it through a three-day juice cleanse

2. Alter your diet to just raw fruits and veggies

3. Stop being a DAB

4. Have more relaxing nights in

5. Take a break from social media

6. Turn off the TV (sorry, Bachelor nation) and pick up a book

7. Travel the world

8. Quit being a betch to people

9. Raise your hand in class

10. Stop having extreme FOMO

11. Learn a new skill

12. Spend more time with your family

13. Be a decent person and volunteer

14. Lose weight, obviously

15. Stop blowing all your money on shoes

16. Find a bae

17. Actually stick to your resolutions

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