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Our 9 Top Picks From the Zara New Year Sale


Now that it's finally 2017, it's time to update our wardrobes with fresh picks for winter and spring. Here are our top picks from Zara's annual New Year Sale. 

1. Pleated Bomber Jacket ($19.99 at Zara

Bomber Jackets made a splash in 2016, and we’re guessing they’ll be just as big this year. 

2. High Collar Blouse ($39.99 at Zara)

Add a bold lip or brow to make a serious statement. 

3. Tulle Skirt ($25.99 at Zara

Perfect for that winter/spring transition. 

4. Contrast High Heel Ankle Boots ($35.99 at Zara)

Just about goes with anything! 

5. Lace Sweatshirt ($29.99 at Zara

Spring = Lace, lace, LACE. 

6. Velvet Leggings ($12.99 at Zara

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you still can’t look festive. 

7. Poplin Dress ($29.99 at Zara)

Wear it alone, or under a sweater for a preppy touch.

8. Sweatshirt With Pockets ($19.99 at Zara

Serious comfort. 

9. Metallic Interwoven Scarf ($19.99 at Zara)

The style possibilities are endless.


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