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The 15 Stages of Watching 'The Bachelor' When You're Single


When you're super single and a Bachelor fanatic, it can be pretty hard to watch gorgeous men and women find love while you're stuffing your face with food. We've all been there, collegiettes. Grab your single girlfriends, and get ready to watch the drama unfold. Here are the 15 stages of watching The Bachelor when you're single.

1. You order a pizza and load yourself up with some wine because it's showtime!

Can't wait to see what happens tonight.

2. You seriously consider signing up for the show.

Bc you know you're single AF. 

3. Whoa, hello shower scene. Yeah, you definitely want to sign up now.

So where can I apply?

4. But then you remember that you'd have to compete with 25 other girls.

Having 25 guys coming at you as the Bachelorette actually sounds SO much better.

5. You get jealous because you just want the first impression rose.

I really want a guy to love me, just pick me already.

6. You start chugging your wine because the Bachelor meets a nice girl and the flirting is cute AF.

Wtf we signed up for drama.

7. You strongly consider signing up for the show now.

Getting the application ready as we speak.

8. You start to feel single AF so you go back on Bumble to look for your perf bachelor.

But then you realize that most guys on dating apps aren't looking for real love.

9. So then you start chugging more wine.

Bc you know, wine is bae.

10. You accept the fact that pizza is probably the only love of your life.

And you're totally okay with it. #pizzalife

11. You start franctically texting your girlfriends about the insane drama.

Because who else do you have to text?

12. You watch the season highlights and cry because of the possibility that he finds love.

Omg what? This is so sweet.

13. Then you're just in the mood to cry, and decide to watch chick flicks all night while eating ice cream.

NO shame.

14. Then you start watching proposal videos because one thing leads to another.

Ugh emotions.

15. You can't wait to watch it all again next week becuase it's the most amazing show ever.

This show gives us all the feels.

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