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These Are the 10 Most Googled Fashion Questions of 2016


At the end of a year, we at HC love to check out some of the trends from the past few months and feel nostalgic for a second, before realizing 2016 was utter trash. The most googled fashion questions of this year are definitely telling us things about the world we live in. If nothing else, they show how this generation is about doing it yourself, the right way. Take a look at what people asked the Internet this year, and check out our best attempt at responding—but maybe still trust Google on this one.

1. 'How to cut sleeves off a shirt?’

Let’s see, with scissors perhaps? Grab a sharp pair, turn the shirt you desire to cut inside out and cut just inside the seam. If you google it, you will find more ways to do this as well!

2. ‘How do I start modelling?’

Well, besides being naturally easy on the eyes, it's probably all about who you know.

3. ‘What is haute couture?’

French, meaning, “high sewing.” Also, one-of-a-kind fashion imagined by visionary designers and showcased on the runway.

4. ‘How to wear booties with skinny jeans?’

Inside the jeans? Outside? We may never know.

5. ‘When can you start wearing white?’

Whenever the fuck you want. Tradition has it that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but honestly, we are a generation that makes our own rules. If white looks good on you, who am I to tell you when you can or cannot where it?

6. ‘How to become a fitness model?’

Use Instagram and maybe get a gym membership?

7. ‘What is boho?’

Technically, it just a short term for Bohemian. But, with earthy colors, free-flowing frills and a light feminine grace, it embodies the spirit and freedom reminiscent of the late 1960s. A perfectly flirty style for the summer.

8. ‘What did people wear in the '90s?’

Likely prompted by some '90s revival TV shows like Fuller House and Stranger Things, people were crazy about this retro style this year.

9. ‘How to dress like a hippy?’

Just be cool, man.

10. ‘How to become a fashion designer?’

Does improvising a toga for a frat party count?

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