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17 Signs You’re the Woke One of Your Friend Group


Woke is the byword for social awareness, but if you’re a woke person, you probably already knew that. From your love of intense social awareness discussions to your passion for educating others, your attitude towards happenings in the world spreads through your friend group. Sometimes you can be overwhelming, but that’s what change is all about! Here are the 17 signs you’re totally this girl in your friend group. Stay woke, collegiettes!

1. You think for yourself

2. You can see how racism, classism and sexism affect your life daily

3. You’re quick to give your friends a lecture about the importance of social awareness

4. Your personal Facebook is just a collection of articles about systematic racism

5. Sometimes you’re so woke your friends can’t deal

6. Because you care less for talking about boys and more for talking social change

7. But this is your face when someone does want to talk social change:

8. You made all your friends vote with you in the last election

9. A Black Lives Matter T-shirt is your aesthetic

10. And you can accurately and intellectually defend the Black Lives Matter movement

11. You’ve participated in several campus protests

12. You’ll only date a bae who’s as woke as you

13. You’ve stood up in class, pointed and told someone to check their privilege

14. The most insulting thing someone can be to you is ignorant

15. And you have that one friend who makes you go like this when they try to have an opinion:

16. Your life goal is basically just to spread the woke through your friend group

17. Because a world that’s socially aware means we’re working towards better things

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