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16 Things Only Girls Who Suffer from Terrible PMS Understand


Once a month, your body tries to kill you, just to let you know you're not pregnant. Instead of just getting a text or something from the gods above that says, "Congrats, you're not with child!" you ruin all your cute undies and feel like you're dying for a whole week. The best part of getting your period is definitely PMS. Not only do you get to bleed out of your vagina, but your hormones go crazy, you want to eat everything in sight, and if someone gives you the side eye, you're probably going to rip their head off and take it home in your purse—no biggie, right? If your PMS is terrible, you'll get these things. 

1. You make sure nothing important is happening during your period

I just need this week off to myself. I can't handle being around people. 

2. Sweatpants are the only thing that fits you

Also why would you want to wear anything else? 

3. Food is bae

How many salmon avocado rolls do you think I can fit in my mouth? 

4. Motrin and your hot pack can get you through anything

@ my uterus, please stop trying to kill me.

5. If you do go out, your best friend is going to have to hear "Can you check me?" more than once

Not trying to deal with that embarrasment today.

6. No matter how nice someone is to you, you might still growl at them

7. Everyone needs to be quiet and just pet your hair

8. And if someone DARES ask if you're being nasty cause you're on your period…RIP

Back-to-back New Girl gifs but I strongly identify with both.

9. If you take three naps in one day, it's fine—your body is getting tired cause it's trying to kill you

10. When someone asks why you don't feel well

Not gonna lie and say I have a stomachache. Periods are normal! They happen once a month! Let's grow up. 

11. You will not be leaving your couch/bed today

Can food be delivered to my bed? 

12. When no one understands why you're in such a bad mood

13. When your period isn't here yet and you're just waiting and being grumpy

14. When you feel all gross and bloated but your period hasn't arrived yet

15. When someone pisses you off and you threaten them but you know you're not getting up

16. When you remember eating chocolate and crying at dog videos is a perfectly normal way to spend your time

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