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17 Reasons Why You Insist on Being Antisocial Over Break


Sure, the holidays are a time for giving, but that doesn't mean you need to spend them surrounded by people. It's winter, folks—take advice from some bears and HIBERNATE.

1. You finally have a room all to yourself

You can dance, sing, stay up at all hours WITHOUT DISTURBING ANYONE! 

2. Home cooking 

Between Christmas and New Year's, your house is filled with the best leftovers known to man. Why leave?

3. Trading in tight skirts and heels for sweatpants and fuzzy socks

Instead of squeezing into your good jeans and freezing all night, you can wear your rattiest sweatpants and an old turtleneck in the privacy of your own home.

4. Nightlife in your hometown is basically two bars that all of your parents' friends go to

Hmm… Do you go to the bar and run into all of your former teachers and old friends, or do you stay home and watch Elf?

5. You just finished the two hardest weeks of your semester 

After thinking for 14 days straight, sometimes you just need to scroll on Instagram and zone out. 

6. After pulling all-nighters, all you want to do is ptfo for 12 hours

Sweet sleep, I have missed you. 

7. You only have two friends at home

Unlike college where you see 15 friends on your way to the bathroom, your home friends are the loyal few who have kept in touch.

8. Family activities

Sorry, friends, but I've got my parents' Christmas party, my dad's side of the family gift exchange, my mom's side of the family dinner, and we gotta get the tree. So I'll pencil you in never.

9. Guilt-free Netflix

Sure, you always make time for Netflix, but it's so much sweeter to binge-watch without sacrificing a homework assignment for it.  

10. Seeing people you went to high school with

No small talk is more awkward than the kind you have to make with acquiantainces from high school that you unfollowed on Instagram.  

11. It’s COLD

Sorry, there's a 50 percent chance of snow and a 100 percent chance I'm not leaving my house.  

12. PETS!

Waited all semester to see them. Why would you ever choose humans over them?? 

13. Christmas movies!

You guys go ahead. I'm just gonna watch Home Alone with my family for the thousandth time. 

14. You don’t want to talk about your major, your love life, the election or your plans after graduation

Seems like all anyone wants to ask college students about is these four topics.

15. Not everything is within walking distance?

At school, all food, fun and resources are a 10-minute walk away. At home, it's holiday traffic and 20 minutes alone in a car. 

16. You're broke

If you want to grab dinner with a friend at school, it's bankrolled by your seemingly endless meal plan. Meanwhile, at home things cost ~actual money~ which you have very little of. 

17. Because you can 

For the first time in four months, there aren't people on top of you at all times. So excuse us while we become hermits for a few weeks… See you in January. 

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