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Her Campus's Graduation Gift Guide 2014


It’s that time of year again: graduation. It can be the happiest time of year (no more accumulating student loans!) but also the worst time of year (OMG are we actually “adults” now?!). No matter who is graduating this year – make it a little easier for them by giving them something to acknowledge all the hard work they put into these last 4 years. Whether you want to go practical, tech-y, or sentimental – we’ve got you covered!

Tech-y Gifts


Get your graduate the gift of streaming! She’ll enjoy seemingly endless movies, shows, and more on her HDTV (oh yeah, make sure someone else has that one covered). $100

Beats by Dre Headphones

These headphones can’t be beat (get it?)! The powerful, noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for any grad who needs to be in her own musical world. This is an especially great gift for graduates who will travel often or commute on public transportation. $300

Custom Watch

Combine one of your grad’s favorite Instagram photos to create a cute and colorful watch. It’s a subtle way to also capture her college moments with an iconic photo from her beloved campus. $44

Macbook Air

Odds are, after 4 years, your grad’s laptop is pretty burnt out. Get her ready for her “adult” life with a shiny new Macbook Air. Starting at $999

Netflix/Hulu Subscription

Like many grads, yours might be skimping on cable in her big-girl apartment. Keep her from missing the latest episodes of Scandal and binge-watching sessions of Orange is the New Black with subscriptions to both Hulu Plus and Netflix. $192 for a year.

Polaroid Camera

Not every 2014 graduate wants all her photos on her smartphone. Help her go retro with this awesome Polaroid instant printing camera that uses zero ink! $180

Sentimental Gifts

Stickygram Magnets

Start her new apartment decorating with a set of 9 magnets created directly from your Instagram photos. It’s a perfect way to remind her of your amazing memories together every time she opens the fridge. $15

Good Luck Necklace

Start her off on her post-college journey with this delicate good luck necklace for Dogeared. It’s perfectly subtle enough for her to wear it every day at her new job! $58

Shutterfly Book

For the creative gift giver – start saving those Facebook photos and package them all nicely in a keepsake photo book. The work you put into designing this “scrapbook” will not go unnoticed and she’ll have something way more personal than her yearbook at her fingertips. Starting at $20

Letters to My Future Self 

Give her the gift of self-reflection! This package of 12 letters includes prompts so she’ll be inspired to capture her thoughts and feelings so she can best remember her past down the road. $15

Campus Canvas

A bare-walled apartment isn’t exactly going to make her feel at home. Solve that issue and get her a perfect graduation gift by transferring an iconic photo from campus (like this fabulous view from Pepperdine) onto a canvas that she can hang in her new place. Starting at $37

Custom Champagne Bottle and Flutes

This will be the most memorable toast she’ll ever have! Instead of cheers-ing to your girl in generic champagne glasses with generic champagne, customize a bottle of your favorite bubbly and the flutes with a message to commemorate her special day. Starting at $126

Gifts for ‘The Real World’

Where Chefs Eat

Is your graduate a major foodie? Keep her eating well wherever she goes with this guide book with recommendations from hundreds of celebrated chefs who share their favorite bargain bites, hotspots and local faves. $20

Plated Subscription

Simplify cooking for your grad with a gift subscription to Plated! The company sends your girl pre-portioned ingredients so she can make healthy, delicious meals after work in less than 30 minutes, like spice-rubbed steak with roasted carrots and Israeli couscous. Gift cards start at $60 (for 4 plates)

Business Cards

While business cards might not be the most awe-inspiring gift, they sure are practical – especially for grads going off into the world to freelance, or without a job offer yet. These fun cards will keep her looking professional, even if she’s reusing things from her childhood bedroom. Starting at $30 for 25 cards.

Road Emergency Kit

Great for any grad who is getting behind the wheel (but especially good for grads who are going into industries like sales and will often be driving), this AAA emergency kit will keep them safe on-the-go. The handy kit stores in your trunk and contains first aid supplies, fuses, and more! $20


A Starbucks habit when you’re budgeting isn’t easy. Brighten up her kitchen (and her life) with this bright pink programmable coffeemaker from Cuisinart so she can wake up with a fresh cup of joe everyday! $85


If presenting your graduate with a shiny new car with a big bow on it is out of your budget, this is a fantastic alternative. Zipcar, a car sharing program, lets users drive when they want to! Perfect for life in the city where a car isn’t necessary – but great to have for trips to Costco or Target! Membership starts at $6/month and driving rates from $8/hour. 

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