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15 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Therapist


If you think about it, best friends are the therapists we never had. Not only can you disclose just about any information to them with no fear of exposure, but it's also free of charge. Plus, who could be better at understanding you than the one person who knows everything about you? Here are 15 reasons why your best friend basically classifies as your own personal therapist. 

1. She doesn't always tell you what you want to hear, but instead, what you need to hear

2. She's the only person that can calm you down (after freaking out with you of course)

3. She makes your problems her problems

4.  She hears you out on all of your problems (or at least pretends to as you ramble on and on)

5. She always has food to offer you, and what better therapy is there than food?

6. She keeps your best interest in mind

7. She always has the right solutions to your problems

8. And she always has the best advice too

9. She doesn't allow you to be alone when you're feeling down

10. She's brutally honest with you

11. She makes you her top priority when needed

12. You can rely on her in times of need

13. You feel comfortable opening up to her about anything 

14. You don't have to worry about getting judged by her

15. You trust that she will keep things confidential 

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