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8 TV Series We Fell in Love With in 2016


2016 may have been a downer in real life, but the screen did not disappoint. If you haven’t gotten addicted to at least one of these TV series in 2016, it’s time to catch up quickly before the new semester!

1. This Is Us

This show has made us feel all the feels. Each character is authentic and open about their struggles, and yes, it makes us feel like this. is. us. Between flashbacks to the past as the plot moves forward in the present, things get complicated and emotional. It’s all about the family in this drama, and it had us feeling joyful, distraught and teary eyed more times than we could count.

2. Stranger Things

Netflix totally came through with an amazing series we just can’t get enough of. Set in small-town Indiana in the 1980s, the show begins with the disappearance of a boy that leads to investigations discovering a whole lot of strange things. Horror, mystery and conspiracy theories are major themes throughout the show. Did we mention a government agency is trying to stage a cover up? We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for season two to come out in 2017.

3. Black Mirror

Although this series has been around for a few years on British television, it recently has gained attention on Netflix giving the U.S. audience a chance to go crazy over this show too. A modern day version of the Twilight Zone that features separate dramas in separate realities, they’re connected by the increasing paranoia about technology in our society. This show may have you ditching all your devices for a few hours.

4. The Crown

For those who either can’t get enough of the royals or are die-hard history fans, this show is pure gold. And no, we aren't talking about her crown. We love the story of how Queen Elizabeth II goes from royal family member to head honcho of England and the grace she uses handling every challenge. When tough decisions have to be made, Queen Elizabeth is ready to make them. She doesn’t let anyone run her over, including Winston Churchill.

5. Designated Survivor

A political drama like no other. The worst case scenario unfolds when the Capitol building explodes into flames at the State of the Union and the Housing and Urban Development secretary now has to run the country. HUD secreatry is not the greatest practice for being POTUS. If you were a fan of House of Cards, this will definitely be your weekly favorite.

6. Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life

Oy with the poodles! This series came right in time for the holidays as one of the most anticipated series of the year. The Gilmore Girls came back to show what they’ve been up to and left us with an incredibly heart-wrenching cliff-hanger. Die-hard Gilmore Girls fans are begging Amy Sherman-Palladino to create another season. Bonus: The reboot also gave us another reason to go back and binge watch the orginal series.

7. The Good Place

...Because you can never have too much of Kristen Bell. The Good Place is a comedy flowing over with fantasy and even a few life lessons. When Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) is killed by a truck carrying erectile dysfunction meds (what a way to go!) she wakes up in the after life. Eleanor has been put in The Good Place and has to behave to keep from going to The Bad Place. No cursing and no hangovers! The show has a heaven vs. hell vibe and a cast of characters that had us laughing ‘til we cried.

8. The Good Girls Revolt

Need something crazy empowering? This show had us talking sassy to the guys in our life with inspiration from some hella strong female characters. The series follows three women in '60s New York who realize they are being taken advantage of in the newsroom. When they demand equality, their entire worlds change and eventually their actions go on to change our world, too.

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