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17 Signs You've Really Found Your People


Most of us have that one group in our lives that we just connect with, gets us and is our family away from (our real) family. While they are not necessarily your squad or your team, they are your circle of trust, just as you are theirs, and even if they are not in your life as you all advance to different stages of life (like, no longer making Starbucks your morning cup of joe) and meet different people, here are the signs that you have, had or will find your people, but most of the time when you have, you will already know.

1. You finish each other’s sentences

2. You have your own secret language…

3. …and sometimes that doesn’t even require talking

4. Pizza, chicken, fries, etc. are just a given whenever you get together


5. Shopping in each other’s closet is just as normal as a weekday


6. You all either do or do not watch Shonda Rhimes Thursdays together


7. You all follow each other on every social media platform


8. Sometimes you all dress accidently alike and color-coordinate…but it’s okay

9. You know you are never alone on an all-nighter

10. You know that there is always the one person in your group that will definitely bring snacks

11. When a new film comes out, you already know that you are all going

12. You serve as one another’s SparkNotes

13. After only one of you has read the book, of course—preferably the English major (!)

14. You become accustomed to not seeing your dorm room because you spend so much time in someone else’s…

15. …usually sleeping with someone else’s Econ book on top of you

16. They understand your individual, albeit weird, habits

17. Because they have weird habits, too

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