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The 15 Types of Hangovers


We all like to go out and have a good time, but sometimes those extra sugary drinks leave us feeling (and looking) like a decrepit creature the next morning. Hang tight and don't give up; a large glass of water and a very long nap will get you over all 15 of these hangovers in no time. Just drink in moderation next time, okay?

1. The Sneak Attack Hangover

You wake up feeling like you could run a marathon, but then two hours pass and you feel your insides begin to shrivel and you completely lose your ability to function. Just when you thought you dodged a hangover…

2. The Hunger Games Hangover

In attempt to refuel your body, you eat everything in sight… mostly all things greasy and filled with enough sodium to induce premature heart failure.

3. The Shriveled Raisin Hangover

You wake up feeling like a grape left under the couch for five months. Your lips curl into your mouth, your vocal cords crack and sizzle when you try to breathe and you search for any form of (non-alcoholic) liquid within arm's reach. 

4. The Ray-Ban Hangover

You aren’t going anywhere, not even the bathroom, without sunglasses. You need shielding from the light so your eyes don’t fry out of their sockets.

5. The “I’m Never Drinking Again” Hangover

That’s what you think, anyway. Then 9 p.m. rolls around and the local bar is having $1 LITs. You’ll be thinking the same exact thing tomorrow morning all over again. Just quit while you're ahead (or behind?).

6.  The Solo Hangover

You drank the same amount as all of your friends, yet you're the only one bedridden with a headache that makes you feel like you’re having a brain aneurysm. How is this even fair?

7. The "I Am Never Moving" Hangover

You can't see straight and you can't think straight, so therefore, functioning today just isn't an option. Netflix in bed sounds like the best idea since sliced bread. 

8. The Dazed and Confused Hangover

You wake up in your roommate’s bed with a Jimmy John’s wrapper and a few stray pieces of lettuce surrounding you. It looks like your night in with the girls and a game of Catch Phrase got a little wilder than expected.

9. The Walking Dead Hangover

You thought you could get away with not brushing your hair or changing out of sweats for a quick trip to McDonald's before they stopped serving breakfast, but you nearly sent the drive-through worker into a shock when you pulled up to the window.  

10. The Never-ending Hangover

Okay, it’s 7 p.m.... joke’s over. This has to be some sort of cruel punishment. 

11. The Team Effort Hangover

Because all hangovers are at least a little bit better when you aren’t alone and you can rot on the couch with all of your roommates.

12. The Angry Hangover

That terrible headache has you hating anyone who comes within 10 feet of you. Today is just not the day to have any human contact. All you want to do is make it through your classes and meetings so you can dive back into bed.

13. The Still Drunk Hangover

You’re still a little giggly and are completely blind to what is about to hit you.

14. The Body Ache Hangover

You feel like you partook in WWE SmackDown: The Vodka Cranberry Special. Not a single limb in your body feels like it's mobile. Guess you got a little too carried away with the "Cupid Shuffle" on the dance floor.

15. The Middle of the Week Hangover

College is all about the random nights out in the middle of the week. That being said, class probably isn’t going to be happening tomorrow.

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