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20 Things That Are Only Socially Acceptable in College


Some say college is the best four years of your life.

The freedom, the fun, the close proximity to all your friends… How could it get any better?

But, believe it or not, real life is nothing like college. 

In fact, there are a lot of things you do during your time in college that are just not considered socially acceptable in the real world. 

For example, in the real world, you can’t eat this for dinner every night: 

And you definitely can’t order more takeout when you’re still hungry a few hours later.

There’s only so much longer you can keep that “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster hanging above your bed.

Or any posters, for that matter.  

Your days of sleeping in a twin bed are limited.

Eating all your meals in bed won't be acceptable after college, either.

You won't sleep in the same room as your best friend.

Once you enter the real world, you can’t spend hours on your laptop watching Netflix and YouTube videos anymore,

or sleep until noon every day.

No more trying to go as long as you can without washing your clothes,

or using dry shampoo instead of showering.

A time will come when you can no longer pay with everything using pocket change,

or do your grocery shopping at the local drug store.

Purchasing $1 draft beers: not an acceptable thing to do at a bar when you’re no longer in college.

Same goes for going to the kind of establishments that would even offer $1 draft beers.

This? Not an appropriate outfit for going out after college.

Even if it’s a special occasion.

Drinking games are no longer something you’ll be playing at parties.

You won’t be able to serve your future party guests drinks out of these:

And you definitely won't be able to serve them anything that comes out of one of these:

Parties, in general, will simply not resemble anything like this after college:

We guess you’ll just have to get over your post-college blues by wearing your old college apparel every day.

Oh, wait… apparently it’s not socially acceptable to do that after college either.

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