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14 Things 'Love Actually' Got Wrong About The Holidays


Oh, Hollywood and its picturesque holiday movies. Yes, we all love Love Actually, but no, the holidays are never this simple! Check out what the movie got oh-so-wrong. 

1. The notion that the holiday season is the ~perfect~ time to hit on your best friend's new wife  

(That you barely know but have decided you're in love with). 

2. …In a really cute way, giving us totally unrealistic expectations of romance this holiday season 

So when is a guy going to show up at my door with scripted cards and "Silent Night" playing on the boom box?

3. Speaking of love, how has this tiny kid figured it out?!

We are literally three times his age and are dating our cats. 

4. And, like, how is he this sophisticated?

Teach us your ways, tiny one. 

5. Although this was a pretty accurate sentiment, tbh 


6. And as always, Colin Firth understands us 

Same, Colin. 

7. But seriously, Love Actually, harsh much? 

At least it sounds better when you say "shag."

8. What kind of holiday messages of love are you even trying to send? 

PSA: Not the best way to flirt ^^^^

9. But also can we just say that literally no airport is this jolly during the holiday season?! 

…More like thousands of cranky people running around, missing their flights and trying to find their gate, all while running over your toes with their luggage.

10. But back to how everyone has a significant other come Christmas time…

Oh, Hollywood. 

11. Like really? Everyone? 

Is this a cinematic joke. 

12. Realllllllly? 

Are there any single people in this entire movie?!

13. Even the kid? LOL okay. 

We'll be here crying under our Christmas tree.  

14. Basically us during this whole movie:  

Love Actually, we love you, but you've got an unrealistic idea of the holidays!

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