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What It's Like to Go Home for Winter Break, As Told By 'Game of Thrones'


The holidays ~are~ around the corner! Going home for break can have its up and downs, and our favorite Game of Thrones characters may understand that better than anyone. Winter is here, after all. 

1. When you cannot wait to finish finals and GTFO of here. 

2. When you see your extended family members over the holidays…and don't know what to say. 

3. When you get bored at holiday dinners and stuffy parties with your parents' friends. 

4. Booze. Enough said. 

5. Loving every moment you spend cozied up by the fireplace. 

6. Not caring about the holiday weight gain. 

7. Over break, you go au natural and are sometimes lowkey afraid of your own reflection. 

8. After a week or two, your family starts to get on your nerves, and you wonder if you've made a mistake coming home. 

9. When you run into people from high school and they tell you their life story since you've seen them last. 

10. When your mom makes you all of your favorite snacks and you eat way too much. 

11. When your parents pick on you for that one bad grade during the semester. 

12. When that one f*ckboy from school won't stop texting you on your break. 

13. Although you do love sleeping in your own bed, you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where you are. 

14. Feeling the love from your mom who has missed you like…

15. When you see your dog again and never want to leave them! 

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