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18 Texts About Guys You've Sent to Your Best Friend


Whether you’re talking about a boyfriend, brother or guy friend, every girl has sent a text or two like this to her best friend. Maybe you’re frustrated with the male species or unsure how you’d live without them, but at least your best friend (usually) has all the right answers.

1. "Do you think his first name would sound good with my last name?"

"And tell me I'm not being creepy."

2. "Why are guys’ pants either too baggy or super tight?"

"I will never understand men’s fashion."

3. "How can I tell if he’s into me?"

"Other than asking him directly, obviously."

4. "What does it mean when he texts you ‘Hey, what’s up?’"

"He can’t simply just want to know how I’m doing."

5. "Do you think he’s a fuckboy?"

"I don’t want to give my heart to another player!"

6. "What in the world do you buy a boy for Christmas?"

"They’re seriously the hardest people to buy for."

7. "I wonder if he's as good a kisser as his mouth makes him seem."

"Are your suuuuure I'm not a creep?" 

8. "Why are boys so confusing?!?!"

"They don’t know how hard they are to deal with."

9. "How do I tell him I just want to be friends?"

"Because I think he’s looking for a bit more than friendship."

10. "He’s hurt me for the final time. We’re done."

"Okay, I mean we’ll actually be back together by next week."

11. "I think he's the one."

"Even though we're only a couple hours into our first date." 

12. "Do you think that we’d make cute babies?"

"I’m most definitely a creep now." 

13. "What kind of girls do you think he’s into?"

"Aka. Do you think I’m his type?"

14. "OMG that guy from last night just sent me a dick pic."

"And yes, it’s making me very uncomfortable."

15. "What dress do you think he’ll notice me in?"

"I just want him to notice me when I walk in a room."

16. "Boys suck."

"Please bring over some ice cream and Nicholas Sparks movies ‘cause it’s going to be a long night."

17. "Why can’t all boys be like Ryan Gosling?"

"Every time he plays a different character I fall in love all over again." 

18. "Seriously, what would we do without boys?"

They drive us crazy, but we love them anyways.

If anything is true, it’s that boys can definitely be confusing. Whether you need your friend’s help decoding a message or figuring out if he’s into you, we bet you’ll always be sending texts like these to your girlfriends to help you figure out what’s going on inside the male mind.  

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