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15 Signs the Library Has Completely Lost Its Chill


Hate to admit it, but finals are right around the corner *starts sobbing*, and collegiettes everywhere are getting ready for the most dreadful week of the year. What's the most stressful part you ask? The library. Here are 15 signs you know it's finals season, and the lib has lost all chill. 

1. People actually started bringing sleeping bags and camping out

2. The line at Starbucks is equivalent to Frodo's quest to Mordor

3. The book aisles have turned into nap nooks

4. There are literally no seats or tables available

5. Which will lead to people sleeping and studying on the floor as a last resort

6. The library has reached max capacity

7. You have never faced a bigger struggle than trying to find a close outlet to charge your laptop

8. Good luck trying to find an open computer

9. The vending machines somehow ran out of your favorite snacks

10. If you managed to find an open seat, you're now surrounded by a whole bunch of random people

11. You've never seen a longer line to the bathroom

12. You've convinced yourself that a wooden library chair is more comfortable than your bed

13. You've resorted to using tears to underline important notes because they're more sustainable than highlighters

14. Watching someone else's breakdown is easier than studying

15. Everyone around you looks like this...

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