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15 Things Only Jewish Girls Deal With Around Christmas


It's December, which for many people means that it is officially Christmastime. While the end of Thanksgiving marks the start of the Christmas season (at least commercially), what about those of us who don't celebrate on December 25? If you're Jewish, during the holidays, it can feel like Christmas is all anyone cares about. If Hanukkah is mentioned at all, it's usually an afterthought. Luckily, the annoyances are mostly minor. Of course, we're going to complain about them anyway. Here are 15 things only Jewish girls—and guys—have to deal with around Christmas.

1. Having everyone wish you a Merry Christmas

And saying it back, because you don't feel like explaining to the checkout guy that you don't celebrate Christmas.

2. The lack of Hanukkah-themed merchandise

While almost every store is fully stocked with Christmas ornaments, Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas candy and any other Christmas item you could possibly need, it's much more difficult to find Hanukkah products.

3. Constantly craving latkes and sufganiyot

A jelly donut from Dunkin' just isn't the same.

4. Being asked, "Do you really get eight presents?"

Just because the holiday lasts for eight days does not mean we get eight presents.

5. And getting the question, "Hanukkah is just like the Jewish Christmas, right?"

Not at all. Hanukkah celebrates the triumph of the Maccabees and the miracle in which a one-day supply of oil lasted for eight days. It isn't even the most religiously significant Jewish holiday, by the way.

6. Having to explain that there is no such thing as a Jewish Santa or a Hanukkah bush

Sometimes we refer to Christmas trees as Hanukkah bushes, but just for fun.

7. Never knowing what night Hanukkah starts on this year

It's December 24, by the way.

8. Having to spell the word itself

Is it Hanukkah? Chanukah? Hannukah? There are like 15 different ways to spell it, so don't stress.

9. Feeling a little weird every time you see a nativity scene in someone's yard

We totally respect your religious beliefs, though, we promise.

10. But still loving Christmas lights and decorations in general

Because who doesn't need a little holiday cheer this time of year?

11. The fact that there are very few ugly Hanukkah sweaters

What are we supposed to wear to an ugly sweater party?

12. Explaining that you didn't grow up watching classic Christmas movies

Don't yell at me just because I've never seen Home Alone, okay?

13. Not caring whether or not you have a white Christmas


14. Realizing how boring the game of dreidel actually is

It gets old after, like, five minutes. 

15. Running into your entire synagogue at the Chinese restaurant on Christmas

And then again at the movie theater. But seriously.

Happy Hanukkah, collegiettes!

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