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Troian Bellisario & Patrick J. Adams Got Married & The Pictures Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous


To know Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams is to love them. As a longtime Pretty Little Liars and Suits fan, I have been dying for this pair to get married ever since I discovered they were dating. They finally tied the knot this weekend in a wedding celebration that lasted three days and was dubbed Fort Day 2016.

It kind of goes without saying that the pics are drop-dead gorgeous, but here are a few faves just to provide the proof.

The invite = pure happiness.



A photo posted by hazart (@stillhazart) on

Fort Day should be taken quite literally because there were actual forts everywhere.


Today's the day. And what a glorious day it is. #fortday2016

A photo posted by Troian Bellisario (@sleepinthegardn) on

They’re so in love and beautiful and have their own WEDDING BUS.


It begins... #fortday2016 photo cred @ladyluofthewolves

A photo posted by Patrick Adams (@halfadams) on

They jammed pre-wedding because of course.


About last night. The couple that jams together....@halfadams @sleepinthegardn @brendanpatrickhines #fortday2016

A photo posted by Sarah Rafferty (@iamsarahgrafferty) on

Their tables had Polaroid pics and constellations.


Canis Major #fortday2016

A photo posted by lulu brud (@ladyluofthewolves) on

Yes, that is Emily’s non-Paige GF.



A photo posted by lulu brud (@ladyluofthewolves) on

The PLL gang was here. for. it.

Show me a better cake topper. I dare you.


@sleepinthegardn #and @halfadams #are #married #and #made #american #weddings #great #again #fortday2016

A photo posted by Gabriel Macht (@iamgabrielmacht) on

Ashley Benson ~hearts~ them and so do I.


My sweet sister. I love you. You had me in tears tonight. Congratulations @sleepinthegardn @halfadams

A photo posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

There is so much love among this gang it’s seeping through this photo.

Harvey showed up to support his brother Mike, and it was the sweetest thing ever.


Some of my most favorite menfolk chilin' under fairy lights. Heart explosion. @halfadams @iamgabrielmacht #santtu #fortday2016

A photo posted by Sarah Rafferty (@iamsarahgrafferty) on

Look at this utter adorableness.



A video posted by Keegan Allen (@keeoone) on

There were even moments for diehard Spoby shippers like myself.


A photo posted by Liars United (@itsliars.united) on



Magical @sleepinthegardn @halfadams #married #fortday2016

A video posted by Marlene King (@imarleneking) on

Another angle because one wasn’t enough.


A most blissful dance, congratulations Troian & Patrick #fortday2016

A video posted by Hudson Sheaffer (@hudsonsheaffer27) on

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