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18 Signs You're Undeniably a Hot Mess


Ah, college—the time when you’re in way over your head, and you’re constantly scrambling to just have a handle on everything. Some of us do this much better than others. And those “others” are categorized as a group of special people: hot messes. You can point out a hot mess from a mile away, and every single one of us has been this person at least once in our lives. But if you relate to these signs, you might be a professional hot mess—no doubt about it.

1. You’re at least ten minutes late to pretty much everything.

2. Your room is a disaster since you’re always rushing to get ready (being constantly late and all).

3. Picking clothes is so hard because you can’t remember the last time you even did laundry.

4. So you just wear some clothes multiple times in a row…no one will notice, right?

5. You live off of Starbucks and granola bars because making food is just too time consuming.

6. You’re always that person in class who says, “Wait, that was due today?”

7. Your planner looks like this:

8. You’re surprised when you actually know what day it is.

9. When you’re overwhelmed with all the work you have, you decide to nap instead.

10. You can’t remember the last time you washed your hair, but it’s fine because you’ll just keep it in its perpetual top knot.

11. You’re constantly apologizing to group/organization members for missing a meeting, simply because you just completely forgot.

12. Sleep has become a foreign concept.

13. Your phone screen is almost definitely cracked.

14. You’re a pro at submitting things literally ON the deadline, which is so nerve-wracking it makes you even MORE of a hot mess.

15. You’re almost always forgetting something.

16. You’re pretty sure that your bloodstream is 80 percent caffeine.

17. You can’t go a day without someone asking if you’re okay, when you’re really just living your normal, hectic life.

18. TBH, you self-identify as a hot mess and embrace the title for all it’s worth.

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