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15 Signs You're the Gossip Girl of Your Friend Group


We can all agree that Dan Humphrey is the worst, but the mysterious Gossip Girl def isn't. She seems to know it all before it even happens, and she knows how to work things out to her advantage. She also knows how to play people for her enjoyment, and she acts as a puppet master of sorts. While her manipulation isn't the most admirable quality, her ability to get everyone to play into her hands is kind of interesting. You might be the GG of your friend group, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

1. You always have a plan

2. The plan has never involved Taylor Momsen in any way

Jenny Humphrey looks like when you were first allowed to wear eye makeup and you didn't know how to put it on so you just put on a ton every day. 

3. You and your BFF are the stars of any spotlight

"Every brunette needs a blonde best friend!" Barf. 

4. You know everyone 

You can't go out and NOT see someone you know.

5. And you know all the drama in their lives

*Pretends not to know info that I found out by Facebook stalking*

6. You always have plans

Friday nights spent at home watching Netflix are so not a thing. Your presence is needed. 

7. And the party doesn't really start until you walk in

"Thank god you're here. We were going to leave if you didn't get here soon!" Ur welcome. 

8. You sign your texts with "xoxo, Gossip Girl"

(Also Dan's haircut here is the worst).

9. You've been told to mind your own business on more than one occassion

10. By the same people who love to give you the goss

You want me out of your business but knee deep in everyone else's? Not how it works, boo boo. 

11. Your friend group has probably all dated each other

We hate Dan and Blair together. So much. 

12. You always gossip with your parents

Their lives actually might be more interesting than yours.

13. You know what you want

14. And exactly how to get it

15. Let's be honest, you're always the cutest person at any party


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