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15 Casual Breakdowns You'll Have During Finals Week, as told by Jennifer Lawrence


Even if Jennifer Lawrence didn't go to college, she knows the misery involved with finals week...because J. Law knows all. Here are some of her best reactions that we're all about to have in just a couple weeks.

1. Finding out how much stuff you really have to do.

Yeah, you definitely underestimated your evil professors.

2. You don't even know where to begin.

How does one study for this 18th-century British Literature class??

3. You realize you maybe skipped one too many classes.

These notes just really don't make any sense.

4. You start giving up. 

You're so stressed that you just become calm and accept your fate.

5. You start getting distracted…

…and you start thinking about food.

6. You take your hunger out on your group project partners.

This sounds about accurate.

7. Then you must explain to them the many truths about life.

So, why can't this be on the final?

8. Once you get back on task, you're back to square one.

Where were we again?

9. And then you get scared again.

Like, really scared…

10. You are so worried about what your professor is going to do.

You start preparing for the worst.

11. And your reaction is ready…

You're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

12. You start studying and think you might finally have it together.

This ain't so bad!

13. You just need a little pep talk. 

Fake it 'til you make it with confidence.

14. You show up to the exam still a little confused.

Is this multiple choice, short answer or essay format? Do I have to bring my own paper? Are we using scantrons? Why wasn't this on the syllabus?

15. But once the final is over…

You gotta do some of this to every random person you see in the hallway.

Finals are coming up any minute now. Happy studying, collegiettes!

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