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What We Can Learn From 5 TV & Movie Characters Who Didn't Get Into Their First Choice School


That’s right—even Hollywood isn’t safe from heartbreak every now and then. Although it may seem like your favorite TV and film stars live dream lives, a fair share of our favorite fictional characters have gotten rejected from their first choice colleges, too.

If you’ve recently received bad news from your dream school, read on to find out how these stars bounced back (and how you can, too).

1. Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl

In season two of Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf is devastated when she finds out she hasn’t been accepted to Yale. After years of studying and hard work, she feels embarrassed to share the bad news with family and friends.

However, after opening up to Nate, she is able to find unexpected encouragement. Lesson learned: Lean on your SO, BFFs and fam during this tough time, and don't be afraid to vent your frustrations to them. They want the best for you, and they’ll understand.

2. Miley Stewart of Hannah Montana

In season four of Hannah Montana, Miley Stewart is faced with a life-changing decision when she finds out that she's been rejected by her dream school, Stanford. The news is even harder to take when she learns that her best friend, Lilly, has been admitted. 

Miley soon learns that her lack of extracurricular activities are to blame for her rejection. She becomes even more frustrated when she realizes that she has done plenty of activities but can't list them on her college applications without revealing her secret double life. 

Fed up, Miley decides to go on TV and publicly reveal her secret in one of the most monumental moments in Disney Channel history. From here on out, she's known only as Miley Stewart. Lesson learned: Stay true to yourself, even when faced with rejection.

3. Paris Geller of Gilmore Girls

In Gilmore Girls, guys and grades aren’t the only things that Paris and Rory get competitive about. When Paris gets rejected from Harvard, her dream school, while Rory is accepted, Paris must learn to stay focused on her own goals. This is important, as she ends up getting accepted to and attending the equally prestigious Yale—where she faces more academically competitive situations with Rory.

If you go to the same high school as your BFFs, it’s more than likely that you’ll be applying to some of the same colleges. Even if you have similar test scores and GPAs, admissions processes can be tricky, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll all get into the same school. If you’re faced with a rejection while your friend gets good news, hold your head high and have confidence that it’ll all work out for the best. Lesson learned: Avoid getting competitive with your friends.

4. Sam Montgomery of A Cinderella Story

When Sam gets rejected by her dream school, Princeton, in A Cinderella Story, she doesn’t realize that she’s actually being sabotaged by her evil step-mom and sisters. While the chances of receiving a phony rejection letter are slim, Sam’s story proves that you should always stay hopeful. Were you rejected or just waitlisted? If so, how can you improve your chances? Have you tried emailing admissions and asking for an interview? Countless pre-collegiettes find themselves getting accepted into schools late into the spring, so don’t panic yet. Lesson learned: Stay positive even when it's stressful.

5. Jill Chen of The Carrie Diaries

While Jill Chen doesn't face a straight-up college rejection in The Carrie Diaries, she does run into trouble when her and her BF West get competitive about applying to Harvard. West tells Jill that he has a better chance of being admitted because, in addition to his stellar grades, he is an athlete, has a disabled brother and comes from a single-parent familly. 

West, worried that he will take Jill's spot in the admitted class, decides not to apply to Harvard. When he tells Jill this, she begins to second guess her admission, wondering if she got into Harvard on the "right terms." Lesson learned: Whether you're admitted or rejected from your dream school, don't make decisions based on anyone else but yourself. You'll be happier in the end.

While your college application process is certainly not a reality TV show, it may feel like it at times. Remember to always stay positive, and, if necessary, draw on inspiration from your favorite TV and movie stars. After all, you’ve grown up with them, and they’ve been by your side just as long as your real-life BFFs. If they can survive a rejection, then you can, too. 

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