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25 Things You Won't Have to Worry About When You're Done with Finals


“Finals.” The word alone is enough to make you want to laugh, cry or drink yourself into a frenzy (and not just with coffee). During all those stressful days and nights, you're wondering if you're going to pass and how you're going to survive. Not to worry! The stress will end, and when it does, you’ll no longer have to deal with worrying about these things, and then some.

1. Trying to summon all the information you forgot from your lectures.

It’s all coming back to you! By “all” you mean nothing. Absolutely nothing.

2. Contemplating going to your classes or skipping them to study.

You’ll probably compromise by taking a nap instead of doing either.

3. Arguing with the TA during the review session for not answering enough of your questions.

Can't they put themselves in your shoes? Or slippers, since you can't even bother to wear normal footwear? 

4. Having to constantly rewash the yoga pants you’ve been wearing for three weeks straight.

There's something strangely empowering about being a modern cavewoman.

5. Having random people look at you funny because of how you look or smell.

Dry shampoo and body spray can only do so much.

6. Eating like a ravenous savage and inhaling snacks every half hour.

Food converts to energy, which you need a lot of. So it's okay.

7. Spending more time crying to your friends than actually hanging out with them.

The besties that sob together, stay together.

8. Dealing with serious FOMO if you prioritize studying over partying.

You haven't been in this much pain since you waxed your legs for the first time.

9. Or surviving awful hangovers during an exam because you just couldn’t say no the night before.

Not sure which you have more contempts towards: yourself or the shots that did you dirty.

10. Liking and sharing every single finals meme that hits your social feeds, because how could you not?

Nothing like broadcasting your suffering and sharing it with others. 

11. Being too tired to review the study guides you spent hours making.

Just looking at all those bullet points gives you a headache.

12. And falling asleep in public places because you’re that exhausted.

Benches, tables, lounge couches, the dark corner of your campus's popular cafe…

13. Yet still not being able to sleep at night because you're so anxious.

Why doesn't your mind come with an off button? 

14. Emailing and talking to your professors more in a week than you’ve done all semester.

Which is more appropriate: crying to their face or sending them crying GIFs?

15. Fearing that you have arthritis from taking so many notes in your notebook or laptop.

Oh, to be young and wild and completely freaking out!

16. Finding a good seat in a super-crowded library.

It's like walking into the mall on Black Friday.

17. Or getting your work done somewhere that isn’t too loud or distracting.

This is an academic environment, not a zoo damn it!

18. Carrying around all of your textbooks to different study spots.

Well, there goes your strength training for the day.

19. Rushing to finish online quizzes, tests and papers before their deadlines.


20. Begging for extensions like your life depends on it.

Waiting for an answer is almost as bad as that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life cliffhanger.

21. Calculating how screwed you are, no matter what score you end up getting.

Is it too late to drop the class…or drop out of college?

22. Finding really extreme ways to procrastinate, like cooking and cleaning.

Your roommates have to pry the Clorox and vegetable oil out of your hands.

23. Swallowing your tears when your parents ask how you’re doing.

You're constantly dizzy with dread, but other than that, everything is fine! 

24. Consuming too much caffeine for your body to handle.

What? Seven lattes a day keeps the body awake!

25. Staying sane until you can function like a normal human being again.   

If you can survive this, you can survive anything. 

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