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7 Styling Tips All Tall Girls Need To Know


While many supermodels who strut their stuff on the runway wearing the newest styles and trends are so tall and have legs that go on for days, it’s harder for the average tall girl to find items that work on their bodies so effortlessly — but sometimes it’s as simple as grabbing the right piece off the rack, no special tall sizes needed! We’ve compiled our seven favorite styling tips for tall girls just for you.

1. Opt for maxi dresses, maxi skirts and midi dresses

Maxi dresses, maxi skirts and midi dresses are practically made for tall girls and their gorgeous long legs. Liz Panella, a senior at the University of Iowa, says to take full advantage of longer pieces like maxi dresses, maxi skirts and midi dresses.

“Something my friends always tell me is that I'm so lucky that I have long legs and am tall for these kinds of pieces,” Liz says. “Maxis and midis are made for tall girls!”

When in doubt, go for longer pieces as they’ll highlight your long legs and gorgeous height.

2. Beware of the high-waisted

Just because high-waisted items seem to be made for tall girls doesn’t mean those are the items you should reach for first in the store.

Samantha Kari, a 2016 grad of Siena College, says, “I always have to watch the waistline on high-waisted dresses or cinched shirts because I have a long torso, so if it's too high-waisted, I'll look ridiculous. Sometimes you can combat that by wearing a flowy cardigan with whatever it is. Sometimes you just have to skip out, no matter how cute it is on the hanger.”

While it’s good to go for longer pieces to highlight your height, those longer pieces can sometimes make you too long, especially when they go so high up on your body and then cut off at your shirt. Depending on your torso and leg length, be careful when choosing waist height on pants.

3. Jumpsuits are essential

Just like maxi dresses, Liz says that jumpsuits are practically made for longer frames, making them absolutely perfect for tall girls.

“Jumpsuits have recently become a thing, especially for tall girls!” Liz says. “Jumpsuits look that much better on a 5'9 girl because it is a one piece outfit, and you gotta have the length for that!”

Once again, opting for a single piece helps to accentuate your tall frame. Pick up a jumpsuit in your favorite color or pattern for an added pop to your outfit.

4. Skinny jeans are your best friend

Charlotte Emeljanow, a junior at University of Western Ontario, says that skinny jeans are a tall girl’s best friend. Don’t worry too much about length as much as fit and tightness.

“My number one tip would be: skinny jeans are your best friend,” Charlotte says. “Flared or boot legged pants often don't have as long of an inseam and can appear shorter on your legs (and no one wants floods SOS). Skinny jeans look longer. And even if they are a little too short, a) that's in style anyway and b) because they fit snug against your ankle, it’s harder to tell that they aren't as long as they should be.”

Many stores carry jean lengths for specific heights and frames. Topshot is great for long inseam jeans, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, Old Navy’s website has many length and height options.

5. Pick up thigh high boots, but not booties

You would think that any pair of shoes would look good on those long legs, but Liz warns that not all shoes are made just right for tall girls. She says to say yes to thigh high boots but be weary of booties.

“All of my short friends are so jealous because they don't feel like thigh highs look good on them,” Liz says. “Some long legs and a pair of thigh highs with a dress or skirt = flame emoji.”

“Something to steer clear of is stubby booties!” she adds. “I'm all for the mid-ankle boogie, but put me in a stubby boot, and it is not good. It doesn't look right when you have long legs in a skinny jean and a really short bootie! The overall flow from shoe to leg looks a bit strange in my opinion!” [Are there any tips for how tall girls can pick a bootie that looks good on their long legs?]

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6. Don’t pair super long jeans and crop tops

Something else to be weary of, according to Liz, is trendy outfit pairings. One in particular to steer clear of as a tall girl is super long jeans paired with a crop top.

“Long jeans and crop tops are something I never do,” Liz says. “Because long jeans accentuate the whole body already, a shorter top doesn't always look right (at least on me). I feel way more comfortable and put together when I have a longer top on. It doesn't make me look as tall either!”

7. When in doubt, put on anything oversized or loose-fitting

Like maxi dresses and jumpsuits, anything oversized or loose fitting is perfect for the longer frame of a tall girl. These items were made for you! So these should always be your go-to.

Jessi Henter, a junior a South Dakota State University, lists some favorite items of hers and her friends: “Maxi dresses, skinny jeans as well if you can find them long enough, longer loose shirts, t-shirt dresses, anything kinda loose because tight looks awkward. Basically anything long because it doesn't look weird like it light on a short person.”

Remember the most important fashion tip there is: always opt for something you feel good and comfortable in. Even if an outfit is super cute, it’s not worth it to wear it if you’ll be uncomfortable all day. Happy styling, collegiettes!

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