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17 Things That Would Happen If Dogs Took Finals


Okay, so dogs aren't taking finals, but a girl can dream. Whether they'd be in the library cramming or in the exam room staring up at you with those sweet droopy eyes, here's a little taste of the paradise that a college campus could become if puppies got degrees!

1. They'd make a ton of noise in the library

No matter how cute you are, this is a no-no.

2. They'd stress-eat

No one is safe from stress-eating. NO ONE. 

3. They'd reread their notes and realize they daydreamed about naps during every class of the semester

Why does none of this make sense? Why is half of this page doodles? Why am I here? 

4. They'd call their moms asking if they still love them if they failed all their finals

Or maybe their moms are at school with them? This situation has not been fleshed out completely, but either way their moms would love them unconditionally. 

5. They'd drink too much caffeine

 Imagine how much they would pant if they drank iced coffee out of their water bowl?

6. They'd have an existential crisis about their majors

What if Uncle Roy was right and there ARE no more jobs left? I need to become a doctor or a coder now—screw my liberal arts degree! 

7. They'd plod around campus in their finest groufits

Don't act like you don't do the same thing. Who has time to wear anything except sweatpants during finals week? 

8. They'd drool on their exams

Maybe if they slobbered, none of us would have to take the exam—count me in!  

9. They'd eat a well-balanced bowl of puppy chow on the morning of the exam

"There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food." Thanks, Ron Swanson—and this dog, probably.  

10. They'd arrive to the exam on time because they are responsible students

 Good seat for a good boy!

11. They'd get comfortable in their exam seat

Hopefully the classroom would be a little bit more accommodating than this tiny dog bed, but at the same time, maybe this would be ideal. 

12. They'd distract professors and fellow students with their cuteness 

I'd give them an A++++ for this wink alone.

13. They'd ace the exam because they are genius pups

Whether they deserve it remains to be seen.  

14. They'd take an amazing nap after

No better rest than stress-free, anxiety-free, post-finals rest.

15. They'd beautify themselves for an evening of celebration

Nails done, HAIR done, everything diiiid.

16. They'd have an amazing post-finals dance party

Breaking it down and barking it out.

17. They'd sing karaoke

I'm not sure why this would happen, but I still feel like it definitely would. Naturally the song would be "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha Men.  

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