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22 Signs You're Graduating in December


From the moment we began freshman year, we've dreamed about what it would be like to graduate from college. Who knew the time would go so quickly? Especially when you're graduating early in December! All of us early grads know we've got bigger fish to fry than stressing over fall semester finals. The thought of being thrown to the wolves––a.k.a. the real world––is looming over our heads!

As December runs its course, any collegiette graduating early is sure to experience a rollercoaster of emotions. If any of these 22 signs apply to your life, it's obvious that college is about to come to an end for you!

1. "So, are you ready to graduate?" becomes an inescapable question.

2. Oh, and the inevitable, "What are you going to do with your life?"

3. Spontaneously bursting into tears is a routine part of your daily schedule…

4. …Especially when you start to regret all of the things you didn't get to do before graduating

5. You look back through all of your old Facebook albums with a bottle of Pinot at your side.

6. Finding any excuse to drink becomes easier than ever!

7. Maybe because your senioritis has kicked into high gear?

8. You used to show up to class looking like…

9. But, now you always look like…

10. You're pulling all-nighters left and right.

11. And finally hitting up those office hours to ask the dreaded-but-necessary, "Am I passing?"

12. While your friends stress about finals, you're busy stressing about the real world.

13. You realize that you now have to be responsible with your money.

14. Meanwhile, your friends want to hit up the bar like…

15. You've been racing to update your resume, LinkedIn profile and online portfolio.

16. You've been job hunting, too.

17. Well, sort of…

18. You're already getting prices for plane tickets for a visit back to campus.

19. Because you're experiencing some serious premature FOMO about not being with your squad everyday. 

20. You loath the thought of moving back home. 

21. And you desparately need at least three pep talks a day to keep you going.

22. Because you're a soon-to-be December graduate who has less than 30 days to get it together! 

Growing up, man. It's hard.

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