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15 Things You Shouldn't Say to Girls Who Wear Leggings as Pants


Leggings: the only bottoms that are better than no bottoms. There is no justification whatsoever for choosing jeans over leggings. Leggings are the real MVP. They not only stretch to accomodate our food babies, but they are also just as dark as our souls. Though we all have our valid reasons for why we choose to wear leggings on a daily basis, there will always be haters out there. Here are 15 of the things that we, legging enthusiasts, are sick and tired of hearing: 

1. Do you ever wash those?

This question…we can't even. Not only do we wash our leggings, but we also own about 100 pairs of them. So NO, we do not wear the same pair every day––thanks, though.

2. Why do you wear leggings every day?

We think the real question here is why don't YOU wear leggings every day?

3. Have you ever heard of jeans?

Don't even speak of those terrible things.  Do you really think we have time to wiggle into those while running at least 40 minutes late every day?  

4. Wow, you must be really lazy today!

Wow, you must be really judgmental today. 

5. Leggings aren’t pants

What kind of sick joke is that? Also, are you a human?

6. Are you on your way to the gym or something?

Are you on your way to stop talking to me? And no, I don't work out.

7. Leggings can’t be stylish

*Pulls out every going out picture ever taken with friends* "Then explain how my whole crew looks bomb here." 

8. Why do you pull up your leggings so high?

Maybe so that the fit is on fleek, but that's not really any of your business. 

9. Leggings aren’t very flattering on some people

Well, body-shaming isn't very flattering on you. 

10. Would you like some Starbucks and Uggs with those leggings? #Basic

Wait so you're saying we can't wear boots in the winter? Obviously we can't wear sandals either, so what do you want from us!?

11. Don’t you feel exposed in those?

Yeah, because so much of my skin is showing… *rolls eyes*

12. It’s not legging season yet

Honey, every season is legging season. You must be a poor, confused soul. 

13. Aren’t those a little thin to be wearing out in the cold?

I think your attitude is the only cold thing here.

14. Your leggings look a little worn out, why don't you throw them away?

Why fix something that was never broken?


This one comes from our own mouths…at that shitty moment when we realize we misplaced our cherished bottoms.


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