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Rory and Logan's Relationship Reminds Me of My Own


By Anastasia Moncada

Rory and Logan’s relationship in the revival was like looking in a mirror, with some minor and not-so-minor changes. I can’t say I’m surprised that she still had a romantic relationship going with Logan. It’s clear from the beginning that he has his place in her heart, making it terribly difficult for her to carve it out.

What makes him so charming? I’m not sure. Maybe, it’s because he has that signature smirk, an annoying nickname for her, and makes her feel alive and do things that she wouldn’t dare to do on her own.

The moment Rory met Logan she was intrigued, and although she acted disgusted half the time he was around, I feel like she was putting up a front from the very beginning. Logan’s larger-than-life gestures enamored her and made her feel like he really cared for her, but he didn’t. Or at least he didn’t know it yet.

Logan has yet to realize how much of a great person Rory is because she cares for him. The moment she made compromises to be with him, he should have recognized how lucky he was to have her in his life.  But he didn’t. He went along with the engagement to the French heiress, Odette, and had Rory on the sidelines.

It’s not to say that this wasn’t Rory’s fault either. By all means, she was the one who came up with that ridiculous arrangement. She should have thought it out more. It’s not to say her idea of an open long-distance relationship is ridiculous, but it’s the fact that she didn’t think of the ramifications if he were to be in a serious relationship with someone else. No matter if he actually loved Odette or not, he still chose to go along with the marriage.

Rory filled herself with false hope and I know it happens, but I think if she wanted something more she should’ve mentioned it as soon as she knew he was getting engaged. However, I give her this: ending the relationship before the marriage was a huge step and I’m glad that she caught herself before ruining (another) marriage.

I mentioned Rory and Logan’s relationship was like looking in a mirror. Well, I’d say I have a similar relationship with this guy I’ve been into for too long now. Our relationship has its slight differences from Rory and Logan’s.

 For one he’s not engaged and, as far as I know, has no girlfriend. We haven’t defined our relationship so I can’t exactly say we have an open long-distance relationship. As far as I know we’re “friends.” He lives in Hawaii, not London. And I don’t get to visit him that often, only when he comes to town. I don’t visit as often because I can’t afford constant flights like Rory. Despite those differences, I still saw myself in Rory and a tinge of Logan in my guy, which disappointed me, because I’m all for Jess.  

What made me see a little of Logan in my guy is that he’s non-committal. He has me on a string and wrapped around his finger. And whenever he’s in town, or when I really miss him I fold and go all in. I know; I’m disappointed in myself, too. But it’s so hard not to be in his presence. It feels great to be with him.

I’d say I understand what Rory feels for Logan because I feel it, too. I understand Rory’s false hope in Logan, which makes me anxious in that there’s a possibility that our relationship can go in the route of Rory’s and Logan’s relationship. Which is not something I look forward to.

But that hope of us being something serious and lasting is what gets me so excited for what’s to come and keeps me at his side. I’ve been into this for too long now to just give up and not have anything at all in the end. I rather know that we would’ve never worked out, then not try at all.

I could take Rory and Logan’s relationship as a glimpse in to what’s to come, But I’d rather wait it out a little longer just to see if things can work out. But if I ever find out I’m the one on the sidelines and he won’t ever pick me, then at least when I leave his side I’m not left with second guesses or regrets.   

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