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The 7 Most Underrated Britney Spears Moments


Britney fans have supported the denim duo with Justin Timberlake and the VMA Britney-Madonna Kiss, but there are tons of other Britney moments that are certainly underrated. In honor of the pop queen's 35th birthday, we simply have to pay tribute to our favorite, underrated Britney moments. 

1. When we learned how to avoid creepy kids and oral exams (1989)

Christina and Britney are SO smart, what would we do without their Mickey Mouse Club life lessons? Below, you'll find the best uses for bad breath spray. Though, we personally would NOT use it to avoid going to the movies with Justin Timberlake. And avoiding a conversation with Ryan Gosling? Yeah, not that either. 

2. STAR. SEARCH. (1992)

Just another reason why the show Star Search should make a serious comeback. Star Search also brought Justin Timberlake, Alanis Morissette, Christina Aguilera and QUEEN BEY to the stage. 

3. When she introduced us to some friends of hers... (1999)

Oh, Britney! Of course we know your friends Justin, JC, Joey and Lance. Seriously, if you have yet to see this epic remix + VMA performance, do so immediately. "Britney? Britney . . . Spears?"

4. When we met her first true love, Woodrow the Homeless Man (2000)

JT had tough competition back in the 00s—Woodrow the Homeless Man. Among the amazing moments of Britney hosting SNL, was when she fell in love with Woodrow (or you may know him as Tracy Morgan). PLEASE, NBC, give us another Britney SNL. Also, it's really hard to find—but we found a version HERE

5. When she surprised her #1 fan (2001)

We can all only dream of that moment we call our friends and say "Britney Spears is at my house." Also, in this instance, we can ALL get ready for a party in less than 30 minutes. You can re-live this moment + her performance at Hawaii's Waikiki Beach with the Britney Spears - Live and More! DVD. 

6. One word: Documentaries.

Personal favorites include Diary of Britney Spears (2001) and Britney: For the Record (2008). We really get a glimpse into Britney's life with these two, and just want to give her a hug, hang out with her, etc. 

7. The Original Live from Las Vegas (2001)

Britney's Dream Within a Dream Tour was just that  a ~dream come true~. I must confess, I still believe... that jeweled bras and and see-through cowboy hats can serve as appropriate rain attire.

There are obviously tons of underrated moments  these are just our favorites! Have any favorites that didn't make this list? Tell us below!

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