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23 Times Monica and Chandler Were Relationship Goals


Monica and Chandler are basically the definition of #relationshipgoals. Take a stroll down memory lane at all of the moments that made them one of the best couples on TV:

1. We knew WAY ahead of time they would end up together (we’re talking season 1)

2. Their first hookup

3. They didn't want to ruin their friendship

4. When Phoebe tried to trick them into admitting they were a couple

5. And she got way better results than she was expecting

6. When they finally admitted to one another what we knew all along

7. And they kissed in front of other people for the first time

8. When they were ready for whatever was on the other side of that door

9. When they snuggled on the couch of the coffee shop

10. And on Joey’s chair

11. And again on Joey’s chair

12. Or when he comforted her fresh out of the shower

13. When they were just happy to be there

14. When Monica didn’t judge Chandler for his questionable preferences

15. And when she didn’t react when he smacked her boob

16. When she would do anything to cheer him up after they fought

17. Or when they weren’t afraid to communicate openly with one another

18. When they just knew

19. When they fought and to apologize, Chandler proposed

20. Then Monica obviously outdid him when she did it

21. When they got engaged

22. When Joey married them

23. When they reassured us that even though the show was over, their relationship certainly was not

Yep, they're perfect.

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