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17 Things You Always Give Up On By the End of the Semester


At the beginning of the semester, you were so ready to have the best 15 weeks of your freaking life. As the end of the semester approaches though, you find yourself losing motivation to do the things you were so sure you'd finally accomplish. Oh well. Maybe by the time you graduate you'll figure college out.

1. Talking to the cute guy in your history lecture

If you haven't worked up the courage to ask him if you can borrow a pencil by week 15 of the semester, it's probably not happening. 

2. Cutting back on coffee

Look, this week (like every week ever) is just a bad time to give up caffeine, okay?

3. Going to fitness classes

Walking to class counts as exercise, right?

4. Catching up on reading assignments

You've gotten this far into the semester without catching up on that reading from the first few weeks, so obviously you'll be fine. Right? Right?!

5. Going to your professor's office hours

You told yourself you would be a great student this semester and actually reach out to your professor. But nope—it's almost the end of the semester, and you feel like you're just a random face in the lecture hall.

6. Participating in class discussions

Mustering up the energy to go to class was hard enough. Sharing your opinion and debating is just too much for you right now.

7. Figuring out a better way to organize your assignments

You started out with a planner, but now you just scribble random notes in it and toss all of your papers into your backpack. Maybe next semester you'll actually figure out how this whole "organizing" thing works.

8. Eating balanced meals every day

A well-balanced meal seems so nice. But you're on a budget and have a tight schedule, so ordering pizza makes more sense.

9. Making sure every project is perfect

You were once a perfectionist. Psh. Now, once you've been working on an assignment long enough, you're done. It's good enough, and you. are. so. done. 

10. Taking good notes in every class

You used to take great notes. But you're tired and your professor posts Powerpoints online anyway. 

11. Becoming friends with people in your classes

It's week 15, the guy next to you still annoys you and you don't know anyone else's name. Best friends forever? Nope, probably not.

12. Keeping up with laundry

Leggings are magical. If you wear the same pair three days in a row, no one will know.

13. Reading or watching Netflix for fun

Who on this planet has time to read for fun? Especially at the end of the semester, you don't even have time for assigned reading, yet alone books you actually want to read.

14. Saving up a lot of money

You thought you'd be able to save your money this semester. Now, it's the end of the semester, and you're using change to pay for the food you ordered.

15. Staying in touch with people who don't make any effort

If someone doesn't seem to care about hanging out with you, you're not going to go out of your way to spend time with them. They're not the only person who's busy, obviously.

16. Asking out the person you've liked forever

You've been waiting forever for the person you *obviously* like to make a move. Still nothing. You haven't made a move either, and he's graduating soon. Okay. It's fine.

17. Pretending that you've got it all figured out

You've spent so much of this semester acting like you have everything together, but you're tired of pretending. You're stressed and overwhelmed, and it's okay to admit that.

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