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16 Things Only Late Bloomers Understand


The term "late bloomer" sounds a little dirty, but in reality, late bloomers just know how to take their sweet time. Good things come to those who wait…right? Whether you were the last of your friend group to get into college or the last of your sisters to finally hit puberty, being a late bloomer has its ups, its downs and its quirks. Here are 16 things only late bloomers understand.

1. FOMO is a little too applicable to your life

You're constantly thinking about what you're not doing.

2. The pressure to "catch up" with your friends is real

So, how can I achieve all my life goals by the time I'm 22?

3. You weirdly remember more about your friends' lives than you care to admit

Sarah had her first kiss when she was twelve, and Lizzie got her period while going to swim class.

4. You have a bad habit of comparing your lack of experiences to others

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

5. You get a confidence boost from all the secondhand learning you receive

You definitely won't be making the same mistakes as your friends.

6. It took you forever to decide on a major

Will I ever know what I want to be when I grow up?

7. Your awkward teen years lasted way longer than most

They're still not over.

8. You're an expert at coming up with excuses and explanations

Aka you know how to shut down that nosy aunt who won't stop pestering you during Thanksgiving dinner.

9. You don't have a ton of crazy stories to tell

The few ~crazy~ stories you do have are very important to you.

10. You had your first kiss after all your friends had their first SOs

You personally identify with Never Been Kissed.

11. You've had a lot of "me time"

You know yourself way better than anyone else ever could.

12. You're always being told that things will happen when they're supposed to happen

Thanks for that pearl of wisdom, Mom.

13. Sometimes you're disappointed after you finally achieve your goal

Building something up for so long, like that first kiss, and then not enjoying it is pretty sucky.

14. You place a lot of importance on "firsts"

First kiss. First dance. First date. First job. First apartment.

15. You continuously raise your expectations for yourself

If I can't be the first, I'll be the best.

16. You have a love-hate relationship with the word "patience"

It sure is a virtue.

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