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22 Things Only Girls Who Think the World Revolves Around Them Understand


Though you may never admit it, you’re the type of girl who likes things to go your way. You firmly believe people should always take your advice, and you adore being the center of attention. Here are some things you’ll definitely understand if you think (read: know) the world revolves around you.

1. Having a bad hair day is totally a valid excuse for being late. 

You can’t function properly if your hair doesn’t look good.

2. You’ve always loved being the center of attention. 

Mama is ready to steal the spotlight.

3. The party doesn’t start until you walk in. 

Because you bring the fun.

4. You should be the most important person in your SO’s life. 

And vice versa, of course.

5. Everyone should be down for impromptu retail therapy, if you say so. 

Your friends should support your shopping addiction.

6. Friends have to take your advice. 

Because anything you say is legendary.

7. Gossip Girl is the best TV show to ever exist. 

Blair is definitely your role model. 

8. People who walk slow are the literal worst. 

Don’t they know you have somewhere to be?

9. Lectures shouldn't start before 10 a.m. (at least). 

Because you need your beauty sleep.

10. Love is dead unless you’re in a relationship. 

There’s no romance in the world unless you’re getting some too.

11. People often call you a diva or drama queen. 

It’s not your fault if you like things a certain way!

12. You love being in the center of group photos.

Because you belong center stage.

13. You're very busy. 

You always have somewhere else to be. 

14. Social media was designed to show off how enviable your life is. 

That’s why you take it so seriously.

15. Your siblings try to steal you parents' attention away from you. 

And they’ve been doing it since they were born.

16. People shouldn't be mad at you for being late. 

You're never late. Everyone else is simply early. 

17. But people should never be late to meet you.

You’ll admit you have double standards.

18. One day you’ll be famous. 

You know you’re destined for stardom.

19. There’s no such thing as bad attention. 

You can control how the public sees you. 

20. Exams are inconvenient and thus should not exist. 

If only your professors would listen to you.

21. You hate it when people can’t accommodate your schedule. 

Because you’re kind of a big deal (or so you say).

22. You’re literally the most amazing person to ever exist. 

And anyone who disagrees is just wrong.

You’ll never apologize for thinking the world revolves around you—and that’s okay! As long as you’re still mindful and respectful of those around you, there’s no reason not to embrace your inner diva and demand what you think you’re worth. 

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