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What it's Like to Talk to Your Crush


Your crush says hey to you, and it instantly brightens your day.

Just the way he says your name gets you every. Single. Time.

He asks you for the time, but because you read into every little thing he does, you feel like he was hinting at something else...

It feels so good to be around him, so you try to prolong the conversation by asking a bunch of questions, which backfires when you run out of legitimate questions.

So instead, you scrounge around for any ounce of witticism you've ever heard in your life.

But it usually goes something like this:

Thankfully, he plays along, so you just laugh at everything he says.

But sometimes you aren’t sure if what he said was actually funny or if you were just blindly laughing at his unreal hotness.

The tables turn when he laughs at one of your jokes, which makes you feel like the next Tina Fey.

But when you're all out of clever one-liners, you take a bit of advice from Jenna Marbles.

While other girls would do something cute, like:

You start nervously sweating and fidgeting, like:

But in your defense, it's hard to think, because it looks like every contour of his face was chiseled out of a block of perfection.

It almost hurts to look at him...

...but you figure it’s such a waste of beauty if you don’t.

You want to push the boundaries of your relationship, so you dangle the bait to see if he's interested...

...but really, you just want to cut the crap and pull a Rebecca Larue.

And when he sends you a bunch of mixed signals, you just want to be like:

But you can't stay mad at him for long, because every time you see him, you can barely function, let alone think rationally.

And every time there's silence between you two, you consider kissing him because...

...but refrain, because realistically, it would not go well at all.

Finally, the dreaded moment of goodbye comes around and you have to part ways.

It's a bittersweet moment because you don't know when you'll see him next...

...but at least you get to admire him as much as you want when he walks away.

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