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10 Easy DIY Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas


Not sure what to gift to give a certain someone this season? Make your own! We've compiled 10 ideas for one-of-a-kind handmade presents you can create yourself.

Donut Coasters
They're easy to make and easy on the eyes. Add a splash of color (and glitter) to someone's morning cup of coffee with these super cute donut coasters.

Faux Marble Lamp
Brighten up someone's day (literally) with a chic table lamp like this one.

Painted Vase
Who says vases need to be impersonal? Try customizing one (or more) by playing with color, pattern, and letters.

Dotted Sharpie Mugs
This is perfect for the avid tea and/or coffee drinker(s) in your life.


Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub
Because every woman in your life deserves to enjoy pumpkin spice all year round.

Pressed Flower Tray
Trays are great in nearly any room of the house—and even better when they have a memorable design like this one.

Geometric Gradient Color Story
You don't have to be an Art History major to tackle this project.

Personalized Photo Ring Dish
Use photos of the receipient and/or some of her favorite things for a truly personal touch.

Cinder Block Planters
Succulents make excellent gifts—but they often come in boring, unimaginative planters. Create your own to make a lively gift worth giving.

Color-Blocked Instagram Ornaments
Commemorate favorite moments and highlights from the past year with these bright designs.

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