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15 Things Only Girls Who Watch Netflix During Finals Understand


Finals week is quickly approaching, collegiettes. If you're currently on season one of your favorite show, you might be stressed AF. How are you possibly going to balance your Netflix addiction with studying for your exams? From procrastinating on papers to dealing with stress-watching, read below for 15 things only girls who watch Netflix during finals understand.

1. The importance of priorities

Sorry flashcards, Gilmore Girls comes first.

2. You're great at rewarding yourself

You know the best treat for an hour of studying is to play an episode. Or two. Or three.

3. Your friends stayed up 'til 4 a.m. studying

You stayed up 'til 4 a.m. too—but for a whole different reason.

4. You know how to stay positive

Why study and be sad when you can Netflix and be happy?

5. You risk failure in order to watch more episodes

*Calculates lowest possible score in order to pass the class*

6. You're already trained for the finals week all-nighters

Heck, Netflix has had you pulling all-nighters for the past four years! Finals week has nothing on you.

7. You realize you're personally victimized by your own memory

"I can't remember what I learned in class a month ago, but I do know what happened on season four, episode nine of One Tree Hill."

8. The 15 seconds between episodes are full of guilt

*Stares in reflection* *Contemplates studying*

9. You and Netflix are in a serious relationship

And final exams are those annoying girls who try and interfere with your relationship.

10. You pretend to have self-restraint but you don't

The internet machine is just too tempting.

11. You tell yourself you'll just "play an episode in the background"

"I can study with an episode on! I'm awesome!" No, you're not. Stop lying to yourself.

12. You know there are other forms of watching than just binge-watching

You ever heard of stress-watching?

13. You justify a Netflix binge by becoming overconfident

"Eh, I'm not worried! I'm definitely going to ace all my finals."

14. Your procrastination skills are state of the art

Bring on that 10-page paper due tomorrow morning.

15. You've survived finals before

You know you can do it again. Next episode!

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