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8 Reasons Why I'm Still Team Logan After 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'


Warning: If you have not seen Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in its entirety, STOP READING NOW. The below is filled with spoilers.

While we were expecting Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to finally settle the decades-long debate about which of Rory’s boyfriends is her perfect match, we were thrown quite the curveball when Ms. Gilmore ended up single and pregnant at the end of the revival. Despite everything that happened in the four-part Netflix event, I’m still Team Logan. 

1. He and Rory had a ~real~ relationship

Unlike her fragile romance with Jess, Rory’s relationship with Logan lasted three years and withstood breaks, long-distance and her feud with Lorelai. Logan didn’t run from Rory at the first sign of something real—Jess did.

2. Something brought them back together

Logan and Rory didn’t end on the best terms after she turned down his proposal in season seven. Despite that, something—though it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the revival—brought them back together. That means something in this AS-P-ruled world.

3. They have history

It’s true that Rory has history with quite a few exes, but Logan was her first adult relationship. They had their childish moments, but they also lived together and spent weekends in Martha’s Vineyard. If that doesn’t scream serious, I don’t know what will.

4. He clearly can’t get over her

Logan is engaged to another woman throughout the revival—a plot point I’m none too pleased with, btw—but Rory is the one whose phone calls he takes in the middle of the night and he lets stay at his London apartment any time she’s in town. Marrying faceless Odette may be part of the Huntzbergers’ dynastic plan, but Logan would much rather be with Rory.

5. He would do pretty much anything for her

Rory should consider herself lucky that this guy is willing to fly all the way to Stars Hollow to take her on a wild romp around the east coast just to cheer her up. We all know that a Gilmore girl doesn’t need rescuing, but if she did, Logan would be there for Rory in a heartbeat.

6. She feels it too

I truly believe there’s a reason Rory continues her affair with Logan, even though he’s not exactly available. Sure, he’s someone she feels comfortable with. He’s familiar and reasonably safe. But there seems to be more to it. He’s her pillow. He’s the guy she keeps coming back to, regardless of the circumstances.

7. She’s pregnant with his child

We can only glean so much from Amy Sherman-Palladino because she reveals very little about her thoughts and motives. But if Rory was meant to follow exactly in Lorelai’s footsteps simply by getting pregnant with the rich guy’s baby, couldn’t she have had a one-night stand with Logan? The fact that she carries on an affair with him throughout the revival’s four parts and then finds out she’s pregnant is meaningful. AS-P does everything for a reason, so this seems to point to something deeper than history repeating itself.

8. If she wanted to be with Jess, she would just be with Jess

When Jess drops by the Stars Hollow Gazette, Rory mentions that it’s been four years since she last saw him. We don’t have any real information about the kind of contact they’ve had in the nearly 10 years since we’ve seen them on-screen together, but it seems they’ve fallen out of touch. Tbh, if Rory wanted to be with Jess, she would just be with him. What’s standing in her way? Oh yeah…LOGAN.

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