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11 Things That Didn't Happen in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' But Should Have


Warning: If you have not seen Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in its entirety, STOP READING NOW. The below is filled with spoilers.

We've all been waiting forever for this moment—the Gilmore Girls revival finally hitting Netflix. Whether you watched the show in its original run and knew all about the season seven controversy or you binge-watched it on Netflix and felt a lack of closure after the end, you've probably been sitting on all kinds of questions for the last nine years. We have too. And while A Year in the Life answered many of them, it also left us with so many moments that should have happened but didn't.

1. Emily sees Lorelai get married

Given how many jokes there have been about this, it would've been nice if Emily could've seen Lorelai get married. 

2. Rory chooses a guy

We get the whole woman empowerment theme going on, but we also need answers!

3. The town wedding

This show is notorious for skipping over crucial moments (Sookie's wedding, Rory and Dean's first breakup), but it still would've been cool to see the whole town come together for Lorelai and Luke.

4. Paris and Doyle get back together

They were the ultimate power couple, despite their flaws. Paris is a BAMF who doesn't need a man, but that doesn't mean she should be divorced from Doyle.

5. A small explanation about Mr. Kim

He either rose from the dead or we're supposed to believe he was there the whole time?

6. Jess at Luke and Lorelai's wedding

Why was Lane there but Jess wasn't? Luke and Jess are clearly on much better terms, so what's going on here? 

7. Lane and Zack break up

If anyone was going to get a divorce, we wish it would've been Zack and Lane instead of Paris and Doyle. Lane deserved so much better.

8. Rory publishes her book

It was cool to see Rory writing a book based on her and Lorelai's life (even though it's done to death in TV shows), but it would've been even cooler if she'd published it, or at least gotten confirmation from a publisher that they wanted it. 

9. Closure with Emily's new beau

It seemed a little weird that Emily was happy dating someone new, especially since she cried after her first date while she and Richard were briefly separated. We would've preferred she mourned and moved on without the romantic entanglement. 

10. Lorelai gets over her issues with Jess

We get it, he broke your daughter's heart years ago, but he's also Luke's nephew and it's clear how much he's matured now. Seeing Lorelai apologize to him (and vice versa) or just a simple nice moment between the two would've been epic.

11. More Sookie

Yeah, we know this one is because of Melissa McCarthy's schedule, so we can't blame the storyline. But it also seemed a little out of character for Sookie to be so out of touch for so long.

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