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Rory's Career Was Too Predictable in the 'Gilmore Girls' Revival


Warning: If you have not seen Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in its entirety, STOP READING NOW. The below is filled with spoilers.

Rory Gilmore: journalist. It’s something we’ve been hearing about since 2000. If a young, pre-Chilton Rory knew one thing, it was that she wanted to be a journalist—the Christiane Amanpour of her day.

Last we saw Rory, she was heading out to follow then-Senator Barack Obama on the presidential campaign trail, reporting on the front lines for an online magazine. So did she make it big as a journalist?

Well, if you count a major New Yorker article (so major that Luke printed it on the back of his menus!) and a few other features here and there, Rory Gilmore was a full-fledged journalist. With regular trips to London, a forgone apartment in Brooklyn and several bylines, Rory seemed like she had it all together.

In reality, she was rootless, as teased in the Netflix series’ trailers. She was working on a biography, which fell through. Then she decided to slum it at Sandee Says, a website that had begged her to join their staff consistently for a year. But Sandee changed her mind about Ms. Gilmore after she gave quite the blasé interview. And eventually she took over the Stars Hollow Gazette to keep her hometown paper from going out of print.

Not exactly what I—or a teenage, or even Yale grad, Rory Gilmore—pictured when we envisioned her bright journalistic future.

Eventually, Jess—her always-there-when-she-needs-him life compass of sorts—suggested she write a book about her and her mother. After much hesitation from Lorelai, Rory ran with the idea, entitling it Gilmore Girls.

While it’s a sweet concept, isn’t this the conclusion every other ‘00s-era teen drama comes to eventually? Dawson Leery wanted to be a filmmaker. Instead, he settled for a knockoff teen soap based on his life in Capeside, with the ingenious name, The Creek. And One Tree Hill’s Lucas wrote a book called An Unkindness of Ravens, which Julian later tried to make into a movie.

So ending yet another soapy teen TV show in this way seems a little predictable. It would be a charming idea—if it hadn’t already been done so many times before.

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