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19 Adorable Barack Obama Moments That'll Have You Missing Him Already


With President-elect Trump ready to move in and President Obama preparing to end his stay at the White House, many of us have begun to reminisce on the last eight years and the many moments of the Obama administration that we won’t soon forget. Regardless of your party or political views, after reading this list, we guarantee you’ll agree our soon-to-be former president was a total boss. 

1. When he told it like it is

2. When he got you all emotional about ‘Merica

3. And made you cry actual tears

4. When he broke down political barriers

5. When he busted a move with Ellen

6. And these little kids

7. When he and Michelle were #goals

8. But seriously

9. When he greeted people at the White House

10. When he celebrated his race

11. When he kept up with the hip lingo

12. When he embraced jokes at his own expense

 13. That stare though

14. When he had good news to share

15. When he spread the love

16. When he talked about his daughters

17. When he stood up for women’s rights

18. And gay rights

19. When he dropped the mic

Obama out

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